Universal Paper Towel Dispenser (Clear) - ND39W

Paper towel dispensers are a very important and essential part of a hygienic home. They are single use napkins which are effective in maintaining the overall cleanliness of the house or the office space or public places where ever it is used. A paper towel dispenses particularly has the following uses.


  • The beauty or the essence of any place is assessed basically by its cleanliness. Paper towel napkins ensure that no places get unnecessary dirty. Having a paper towel dispenser, ensure that every person feels responsible for maintaining the cleanliest of the place around him. a well maintained, boxed paper towel dispenser ensures, that the particular place is very keen on its hygiene
  • Compactness: along with helping to maintain the cleanliness of a place, paper towel can actually become a menace. When not neatly maintained, these can dirty the place making it look uglier. On the other hand having a neatly arranged, compact paper towel dispenser ensures, the safety and neatness if the place. It makes sure the paper napkins don’t fly around unnecessarily. They are also easy to maintain when they are compact. It becomes easy to refill also when it is arranged in a dispensers making the entire process compact and neat.
  • Cost factor: they are the most worthy and coast effective investment. They are also eco-friendly making them a symbol of renewable resource which is being reused. They are being given at the most affordable prices on our website making them an easy buy for everyone concerned about the investment. This is an investment which proves it to be an effective in the long run.
  • Bathroom look: nothing is more attractive than a well maintained bathroom. Bathroom is one place that inevitably gets dirty because of its use. If it's a public place or an office space, then the unhealthiness of the place is inevitable. The place might get dirty when people are trying to use the dispenser, and the order is lost as multiple people are using it. If a compact paper towel dispenser is used, it ensures that people have easy access to their need ensuring the cleanliness of the place. If it's a home, then a clean bathroom is a welcoming site. Having a paper towel dispenser gives the impression of being someone who takes hygiene quiet seriously.
  • Environment friendly:  paper towel or paper napkins are usually available in paper boxes. This results in unnecessary waste being generated. Not only these boxes have high guarantee of tearing and messing up the whole place, they also result in unnecessary wastage of the paper towels or paper napkins. On the other hand a paper towel napkin dispenser is made out of recyclable plastic. It just has to be refilled when empty and it's as good as new. They can be cleaned and sanitized also in case it’s necessary. This might be necessary in particular for patients and in hospitals where the importance or necessity of cleanliness and hygiene is at the top priority.
  • Health hygiene: health is the top most important for any country. We see examples in history where an entire population or town or city has been wiped out due to epidemics. A lot of diseases are also spread due to poor hygiene. One of the main reasons it is important to know to maintain good sanitized environment. This can be easily achieved by even doing the bare minimum of having a paper towel dispenser. This ensures that no two people land up using the towel. This also makes sure people with any contagious diseases don’t land up unintentionally spreading it.
  • Ease of use: nobody wants to spend a lot of time in washrooms. Especially a public toilet. People are always in a hurry to come and go. However it would be annoying to find a bunch of unused tissues getting wet or a bunch of unruly tissues flying around would drive anyone mad. It makes the place look untidy and also make the person feel uncomfortable. On the other hand our dispenser will ensure that all the papers towels are neatly held in a place. It also ensures that it only dispenses one at a time. This will ensure there is no unnecessary wastage of the paper towel napkins.
  • Appearance: our paper towel dispenser has the most quality of being clear and transparent. This will ensure that we are always aware of the quality and quantity of the tissues being filled and its usage. This makes it easier to also understand the quality and the type of tissue needed. People use different types of tissues in different places. Face tissues in the hall and room, hand tissues in toilet and kitchen. Having a clear paper towel dispenser makes sure you know the type of tissues your filling and where to place them in also gives a much disciplined look to the house.
  • Durability: the plastic used is of one of thru highest quality. The fine plastic material and its strength ensure that it not easily broken. And it also makes the cleaning and maintenance of the box much easier. A little soap water and a drier will make your paper towel dispenser look as good as new.
  • Customer support: nothing is more important than a strong customer base. But this can be achieved only by giving out the best of the quality of the product. Constantly trying to upgrade our products and simultaneously delivering them with best of the quality has helped us give a very strong and supportive customer. And it also helps us to push ourselves to become more creative with our products but never compromise with the quality. We always ensure our customers are satisfied and happy with our services and support


In conclusion a paper towel dispenser is a worthy and efficient investment. It is very low cost and compact in nature. It is durable and has decorative if necessary. It helps improve the hygiene and cleanliness of a place. It is a long term investments with less money and more benefits.