About Oasis-Creations

Oasis Creations is a high rated, well reputed brand, which has made its mark in manufacturing plastic products. However, along with producing the best quality to suit your everyday needs, we at Oasis Creations also work hard to ensure that the environment is harmed to the minimum by our products. To make sure of it, we also see to it that our products use recycled plastic, with safe and toxin free materials. Thus, in our efforts to protect and preserve our environment to the maximum, we at Oasis Creations also safeguard you and your family, who are well protected from harmful chemicals, toxins, and other poisonous substances. At Oasis Creations, we work around the clock to maintain our exceptional quality of production, and we check our products manually before sending them out to the warehouses. Alongside, we use top notch products of the highest standards, which helps us to know that the quality of our products are not compromised upon. In these interests, we offer a free, no questions asked return policy for 30 days from the date of purchase. If you feel like you have not received the product that you should have, or the quality of the plastic is not up to the mark, fell free to email us at info@oasis-creations.com, and we assure you that your complaints will be dealt with promptly. However, if we cannot match up to your expectations, you will be reimbursed completely, no questions asked. Our office is located in Los Angeles, California, and we currently offer free shipping all over the United States of America. There is no minimum order required, due to which you can order just a package of plates, or order enough products to host a lavish get together, with no hassles. If you have any questions about our company and the services we provide, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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