Soap Dispenser (Black Smoke) - SD336

A bathroom is a place where we visit every day and bathing and cleaning are activities that we partake each and every day. A bathroom must have appropriate equipment to ensure that we can bath and clean comfortably. Since soap and lotion are the things that we essentially use for bathing or cleaning, they must be handled in a proper way. A soap dispenser is probably must-have equipment in every bathroom. The soap dispenser from Oasis Creations is hailed as one of the best quality soap or lotion dispensers out there. Have a look at some of the features that this soap dispenser offers:

Keep it Germfree:Hygienic conditions are too considered with high priority, which is why every common use bathroom must be maintained with utmost care. A soap dispenser can help you by leaps and bounds in this aspect. With a quality soap dispenser, you can stay relaxed about the cleanliness of a bathroom.
Cost-effective, Durable, and Low-maintenance:This soap and lotion dispenser is developed and manufactured with top priority of being a cost-effective equipment. All the components used in the manufacturing process of this soap dispenser are of superior quality in order to ensure that it is a durable dispenser. The low-maintenance feature of this product is what makes people adore the Oasis Creations Soap Dispenser.
Sleek and Space Saving Design:Usually bathrooms are not designed with a lot of spare space. For such restricted space bathrooms, this soap dispenser is a perfect suit, as it’s design is compact, sleek, and more importantly space saving. This soap dispenser can easily be mounted to a wall for saving space effectively. The dimension of this soap dispenser is 4.5 x 9 x 4.3 inches, which makes it easier to simpler to be mounted on a wall. The shipping weight of this product is 1.32lb, which indicates that it’s a lightweight soap dispenser.
High holding capacity and Seamless Refill:This soap and lotion dispenser comes with a very high holder capacity of 1,000 ml / 33 oz, which gives you lot of time between each refill. The refill process of this soap dispenser is very easy and hassle free.
Easy Installation:This product of 1 soap dispenser can be easily installed in your bathroom. All the necessary instructions of the installation process are attached to the product while shipping, so that you can install this product easily.