Plastic 10 oz Bowls (20 count)

There can be a lot of reasons behind why you would want to save your crystal bowls from ever coming out of their boxes, but there are not enough reasons for you, to not serve your guests properly. We understand your conundrum and hence present to you Top Quality Hard Plastic Dessert & Snack Bowls Set by Oasis Creations.

Product Features

  • Top Quality Hard Plastic Dessert & Snack Bowls Set by Oasis Creations comes in a set of 20 pieces.
  • Each piece has been carefully crafted out of clear and transparent plastic
  • Perfect for serving desserts, ice-cream, dips or any other food item for that fact, to your guests, no matter what the occasion is.
  • BPA free plastic and contains no toxic or harmful substances, which poses no health hazard.
  • High quality plastic, is easy to wash and reuse.
  • Eco Friendly material which can be easily recycled.
  • With 10 oz capacity, you can provide sufficient amount of content in each serving without the fear of food spilling over.
  • Durable plastic ensures no breakage
  • Amazing prices make sure that it’s not too heavy on your pockets.
  • Value for money as it’s easily replaceable, without any hassles.

Safe to Serve: With high quality materials, you can serve without any worries.

Trendy and Easy to Handle:Each bowl in the set is very light and comfortable to hold in your hands. The bowls have been crafted to perfection for providing a perfect grip to the user.

Easy Storage: With light weight and small dimensions, these bowls are easy to store.

100% satisfaction:For the amount which you are paying for the set of two bowls, you will be more than satisfied with the quality of the product you have received. It’s our guarantee, once you have used our product, you are most likely to recommend it to your friends and other members of the family.

Top Quality Hard Plastic Dessert & Snack Bowls Set by Oasis Creations is for every party or get together you can think of. So once that day has dawned upon you, all you have to do is, take them out of your kitchen cabinets and after a gentle wash, they will be all ready to serve food to your guests in style.