May 07 2018

A toilet seat cover is a disposable paper in the shape of a toilet seat that you can place on the seat of the toilet to protect yourself from harmful bacteria that might be present there. By placing a toilet seat cover you are creating a shielding barrier. Toilet seat covers are placed in a dispenser and you can access one at a time. These covers provide security to users of public restrooms. Sanitary hygiene is not a matter which can be neglected, so make sure you use one in a public restroom. In the recent times, there is increased awareness about sanitary cleanliness. All public restrooms install a toilet seat cover dispenser and give access to users for a seat cover. However this is not restricted only for commercial purposes, you can install a toilet seat paper holder at your home too. Ultimately, it is the safety of you and the people around you that matters! How Do You Choose A Good Toilet Seat Cover Holder? Ensure Quality A toilet seat cover dispenser needs to make from good quality material. Otherwise you will have to face issues frequently. A good quality means, the toilet seat cover holder will be long lasting. Superior quality also makes maintenance easy. This is what you are looking for too, right? A high grade plastic is generally used to make a toilet seat cover dispenser. Ensure you buy a supreme quality to avoid frustrations later. This will also make you happy as you will be enjoying full value for your money. Simple To Use A toilet seat cover dispenser must be easy to use. If you are looking to buy a toilet seat paper holder for your office or restaurant, make sure the restroom accessory provides for a simple operation, else with multiple users you will have high chances of your dispenser getting into trouble. Easy dispensing is what you need to look for. Design Check the space available for installing a dispenser before you decide on one. If you have a small space, try looking for dispensers that can be mounted on walls. This serves the purpose, while still being able to leave you with more floor space for other requirements. The wall mountable toilet seat cover dispenser looks stylish too. The design must be smart- portable and compact without going down on any feature. Capacity When you are choosing a toilet seat cover holder, check for the storage capacity. A small one can be fine for residential purposes, but if it is for commercial use, it would be ideal to go with a high capacity dispenser. This avoids frequent refilling.   Guarantee Check if the dispenser comes with a guarantee. A guarantee from the manufacturer makes way for a risk-free purchase. Moreover here the manufacturer is trying to assure you that the product quality is exceptional. Oasis creations are renowned for high quality toilet seat cover dispensers. Commercial / Residential -Gold Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser Features Top Quality This toilet seat cover...

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May 06 2018

  Why Use Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser Using a public restroom is a cause of worry to many of you considering the amount of germs that you may come in contact with. The toilet seats contain harmful microbes that may spread dreadful diseases. However you would be surprised to know that paper towel dispensers pose much more threat than the toilet seats. This is the reason why the uses of touch less paper towel dispensers are on the rise. Using touch less paper towel dispenser means you are taking away the risk factor associated with a conventional dispenser. They are healthier and offer safe sanitary conditions. Features Of  Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser Quality And Value The dispenser is usually made of top quality translucent smoke plastic. The value offered is the secure sanitary conditions. You need not touch it to get a tissue, so you are safe from any possible contamination. You can also maintain cleanliness of your restroom by keeping it sparkling and sanitized. Be it home or office, this paper towel dispenser is sure to bring in good health. However make sure the paper towel holder is easily accessible to one and all. The multifold paper towel dispenser from Oasis Creations is durable and stylish, get one today! Compactness If space is a constraint, do not worry. Touchless paper towel dispenser can be wall mounted, thus it is a great space saver while being economical too. Paper towel dispenser wall mount is so designed to allow for easy mounting, at the same time offering drying and excellent hygiene. So if you have a restricted space, get a paper towel dispenser wall mount and enjoy hygienic conditions. It is  portable and smart too. Hygienic Key Lock This paper towel holder comes with a hygienic key lock. This feature is beneficial especially for office buildings, campuses and restaurants to reduce waste. This multifold paper towel dispenser is used in high traffic areas, the dispenser keys provide safety and convenience. High Capacity This high capacity dispenser can hold 500 multifold paper towels, so you need not think about refilling it time and again. This is one of the reasons this paper towel dispenser wall mount is most sought after for big business places like hotels besides parks and campuses. Touchless paper towel dispenser from Oasis Creations come with 45 days money back guarantee, make use of this risk- free opportunity now!   Benefits Of A Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser Imagine you are in a public restroom and you've just washed your hands. You need to pull out a paper towel now, but can you confidently do so? Don't you get scared that the dispenser might contain germs, considering the number of people who use the restroom on a daily basis? It was for this reason that touch less paper towel dispenser was developed. Sensor technology The sensor technology in this paper towel holder allows you to get a paper towel by just moving your hand under the machine, so there's no...

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May 04 2018

  Toilet paper is a soft tissue used to maintain personal hygiene, especially after urination. It is easy to dispose and light in weight. It is also the best way to prevent contact with harmful germs, thus has proved to be very hygienic. Toilet paper rolls are stored in dispensers and are used extensively in public restrooms to ensure cleanliness. A toilet tissue paper dispenser stands for hygiene. Most of the public restrooms have toilet paper dispensers, to provide for a clean and sanitized environment. Rolls are filled in the dispenser and you need to manually access it. Toilet tissue dispenser also provides for a comfortable and pleasant environment. What To Look For In A Toilet Paper Dispenser? When you are looking for a toilet paper dispenser you need to consider many factors. Some of them are discussed here: Traffic First you need to check the traffic in your establishment. If you have a high traffic, you need to go for a jumbo toilet paper dispenser, else you will have to refill frequently. As it is a routine thing, at one point in time, you will certainly feel sick of refilling if you buy a low capacity dispenser. A high capacity dispenser will leave you with less work, calling for refilling rarely. Lock The next thing you need to consider is the lock feature. Check whether the toilet tissue dispenser has a lock. This helps you on reducing waste. This is especially true for a commercial toilet paper dispenser where there is maximum chance for pilferage. Compactness Another thing you need to note is the compactness. Toilet paper dispenser must be able to save space, it must be designed to be able to mount on walls for maximum compactness and easy dispensing. Moreover it must be good looking and inviting too, your guests will love it! Quality, Maintenance and Price You also need to check for the quality, to ensure durability. You definitely do not want issues with your dispenser within a few weeks or months of buying, right? Last but not the least, check for the price and maintenance requirements.   Jumbo Roll Toilet tissue paper dispenser- Features Jumbo Roll Toilet tissue paper dispenser is a superior quality dispenser that comes at an affordable price. The notable feature is, it is low on maintenance and durability, unmatched. This stylish toilet paper dispenser is made from translucent smoke plastic and provides for multidirectional tearing. The machine doles out 9" rolls. Oasis Creations are renowned for quality Jumbo roll toilet tissue paper dispensers that are competitively  priced, get one today and benefit from low prices! Space Saver Jumbo toilet paper dispenser can be mounted on walls - portable and smart. This toilet paper dispenser can be accommodated even in small spaces, so take your worries away if you have a restricted space. With less floor spaces and increasing demand for hygiene and health, this toilet tissue dispenser comes as a blessing. Everything cannot be accommodated on the floor, space saving machines...

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Plastic Cutlery as good as your Silverware

Mar 20 2018

Special occasions are memorable moments.  They are meant to be celebrated and to give joy.  However, arranging for functions can sometimes become tedious and troublesome.  To make celebrations feel like celebrations even after the event is over, choose disposable plastic cutlery to go along with your disposable plastic plates.  They are convenient to use and fuss-free.  Oasis Creations presents prime quality hard plastic cutlery that are contrived for your comfort.  These all-purpose plastic spoons and plastic forks are most suitable for picnics, school lunches, camping, parties, and get together with friends, family feast, and weddings. Exquisite Plastic Cutlery All plastic cutleries at Oasis Creations are carefully constructed with best quality plastic materials and cutting edge production processes because we aim at providing you with the best products in the market.  Our prime concern is our customers’ satisfaction.  All our plastic fork, spoons, and knives are of medium or light weight with an essence of elegance.   You could hand wash and reuse them as they are sturdy and durable.  If you do not have the time or want to save yourself from hassle of cleaning these cutleries, you can just toss them out in the garbage can as they are rather economical.  You have the option of purchasing plastic fork and plastic spoons separately or you can buy a complete plastic cutlery set.  When you buy a 200 piece cutlery bundle, you can comfortably host about 50 guests as it contains 100 plastic forks, 50 hard plastic knives, and 50 hard plastic spoons.   They are ideal for soups, d’oeuvres, main meal, and desserts.  You can also choose from simple white plastic cutlery or silver plastic cutlery that even over-shadows the original stainless steel cutleries.   The unsurpassed silver plastic cutleries are perfect for grand functions and ceremonies.  The sleek and sophisticated design of these cutleries will surely match the resonant of the grandeur of your celebration.

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Appealing cups for appetizer, desserts, and parfait

Mar 20 2018

You must have heard the proverb, “First impression is the last impression”.  This proverb holds true for meals as well.  The appetizers happen to be the first impression of meals and the desserts form the last impression as they come towards the end.  When the food looks good, it increases your appetite.  If you want to enhance the presentation of your food and create a good impression, you can serve them in an appealing appetizer cup or mini dessert cups or slender parfait cups brought to you by Oasis Creations.  Creative Appetizer Cups Oasis Creations offers you the most creative way of serving your appetizers and desserts that will have your guest drooling.  They are perfect for all occasions ranging from birthday parties, farewell parties, wedding receptions, buffet lunch and dinners, catering, etc.  They are the most preferred cups for large gatherings as it allows orderly servings and enables count of guests.  They are convenient and handy to use and holds the capacity of one serving per person.      These non-messy serving dishes are quite appealing since they are made from durable crystal clear plastic that displays layers of mouthwatering sweet course. Nothing can beat our premium quality party supplies of plastic dessert cups and appetizer cups.  They are made from high standard quality plastics which are totally safe for eatable products since they are BPA free.  These appetizer cups, parfait cups, and plastic dessert cups are non toxic and do not contain any harmful substances.  They can be used and reused since they are washable and recyclable.  The elegant square shaped mini desert cups have the capacity of 2 oz and 4 oz.    You can choose from fifty 4 Oz. cups of 1.9” x 1.9” x 2.7” in dimension or one hundred ten 2 oz. mini square dessert cups.  The multi-purpose mini cups are perfect for chocolate shots, jelly, ice creams, yogurts, smoothies, puddings, appetizers, entrees, cocktails, fruit cream, and much more.

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Fuss Free Disposable Plastic Plates

Mar 19 2018

Are you planning a party soon? However, inviting people to your home for party implies taking out time for doing a lot of dishes.  Well, forget all your worries, set your mind free, and enjoy whichever event you want to organize with disposable parties plates from Oasis Creations.  There are varieties of designs of plates to choose from.  You can choose from an array of plates to suit the various social occasions.  Our birthday plates and other disposable plastic plates are of superior quality.  Moreover, these plastic plates are sturdy and easy to manage for any event.   These disposable plastic plates are made from high standard marked materials which is BPA free and do not contain any toxic or harmful substances.  These white plastic plates are completely safe for all. Special Disposable Plastic Plates Our birthday party plates are designed especially for theme parties for children and adults alike.    Your child will be thrilled to see their favorite animated character displayed on the plates and you would not have to worry about your kids finishing everything on their plates.   If you are arranging a luxurious party, our silver plates will raise your style quotient.  The gold rimmed or silver rimmed ivory plates are the most appropriate platter for sophisticated gatherings.  Believe us! You will earn more compliments for your dinnerware than your wardrobe.  Different Aspects of Disposable Plastic Plates You have the option of choosing the size, style, and quantity of plates you require depending upon the number of invitees and delicacies you decide to serve.  Clear round plates are available in six inches or nine inches size whereas clear square plates are available in 6.5 inches size.  Silver or gold rimmed white plastic plates are available in six inches and nine inches sizes.  These plates are economical for any and every event.  They are even washable.  Whether you choose to dispose or reuse the plastic dinnerware, you will be overwhelmed to show your culinary expertise as you serve them in the top quality Oasis Creations plates.  4 innovative uses of plastic plates   Contrary to what you might believe. Plastic plates are not just party supplies. They serve a host of other purposes; many of which may take you by surprise. Gold plastic plates, silver plastic plates, disposable plates, they all do! Surprised? You won’t be after you read this article though.   Frisbee While you should preferably stay away from playing Frisbee indoors, it’s a great option at outdoor events. Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday party or an informal outdoor gathering, throwing in a surprise fun element won’t do anyone any harm. Use your golden plastic plates as a Frisbee to add a touch of style and spunk to the game. Reusable plastic plates would do just fine too!   Drums or cymbals So let’s say everyone at the party is upbeat about an impromptu musical session, you have a vocalist and guitarist ready to display their wares and then you realize you...

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