White Kraft Paper Bag 8x4.75x10 (100 count)


  • Multi-Purpose & Practical: Kraft paper bags can be used for dozens of purposes, such as shopping, carrying groceries, as lunch totes, as party guest favors, or anything else you can imagine! They're also disposable and reusable, which makes them even more practical!

  • Durable Handles & Square Bottom: These white kraft paper bags feature durable twisted handles and handy square bottoms, which allow them to stand up straight by themselves. They also fold completely flat, to minimize the storage space they require.

  • High Kraft Paper: Kraft paper is lightweight and durable, with high tensile strength and hundreds of applications. It's also completely organic, safe and BPA free, and contains no toxic or otherwise harmful substances.

  • Recyclable & Eco-Friendly: By using paper bags in your everyday life instead of plastic ones, you can help reduce the harm done to the environment. Not only are these bags reusable and eco-friendly, they're also recyclable and 100% biodegradable

  • Great For Arts & Crafts: Since kraft paper is minimally processed and unbleached, these paper bags make great materials for arts and crafts activities and projects. You can write, draw and paint on them, and decorate them however you wish!

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