TearDrop Tasting Spoons (50 count)

  • Spoons are essential and necessary parts of a dining equipment. They hold much more importance when it’s not simply a casual dine, but a special occasion or event, whether it be a birthday, wedding, holiday dinner or any other event. There has been a rapidly growing trend of using tasting spoons across the masses. People nowadays prefer to use tasting spoons rather than the traditional ones. To serve such people, Oasis Creations has rolled out Teardrop tasting spoons with impeccable quality. Here’s a list of some very important features that these spoons offer:


    • Supreme Quality:The teardrop tasting spoons by Oasis Creations are designed and developed using premium quality crystal clear plastic, using sophisticated manufacturing procedures. They add value to your dining equipment. These appetizer spoons are very tough, making them durable for a long time.
    • Multi-purpose Usability:These tasting spoons are not just limited to desserts, but also can be used for all types of food items including but not limited to entrees, appetizers, desserts, puddings, mousse, tiramisu, sorbet, yogurt, jelly, cakes, fruits, and many more.
    • Event Flexibility:Oasis Creations has carefully designed these tasting spoons which comes in a set of 50 spoons, to be fit for all types of events and occasions. Not only special events, they also make a great suit for everyday usage as well.
    • Elegant Design:The curvature design of these spoons is designed and developed using scientific calculations that gives an edge, by providing excellent base for the food to fit in these spoons. This feature also makes it easy for your mouth to grab the food from these spoons easily.
    • Durability:These multi-purpose taste spoons are manufactured in such a way, that they stay for quite some time. The durable factor of this product makes it superior to any other taste spoons out there.
    • Washable and Disposable:The teardrop tasting spoons by Oasis Creations are washable, making them to be reusable. These spoons can also be freezed without any issues. For someone who likes to use these tasting spoons for just one time, they can simply dispose them easily, as these tasting spoons are also recyclable.
    • Lightweight:These tasting spoons come with the dimensions of 4.7”L x 1.3”W which makes them very easy to hold. They’re also lightweight, making them all more convenient to hold and eat with. The shipping weight of this product, which consists of 50 spoons is 4.8 oz.