Plastic Salad & Snack Bowls (2 count)

Due to its big size Snacks and Salad bowls are very hard to handle especially if they are made out of crystal. When you are hosting a gathering at your home, the meal looks incomplete without a bowl of salad and some kind of a snack to go with it. Then again carrying a big crystal bowl around, in a room full of people can be calling for a mishap to happen. With Top Quality Hard Plastic Salad & Snack Bowls Set by Oasis Creations you no longer have to worry about it any longer.

Product Description

  • Made out of clear plastic this Salad & Snack Bowls Set by Oasis Creations is a set of 2 bowls which are made from high quality clear plastic. They not only look trendy to serve your snacks and salads in, they are also very durable and easy to handle.
  • Being made out of hard clear plastic provides the bowls with durability and longevity.
  • You do not have to worry about them slipping out of your hands and breaking, while you are washing them.
  • Once they have been washed, they can be easily stored in your kitchen cabinets, for reuse at your next get together.
  • Compared to fancy crystal bowls, Top Quality Hard Plastic Salad & Snack Bowls Set by Oasis Creations is not that expensive.
  • The bowls have been crafted with a touch of elegance, so that when food is served in them, the presentation looks trendy and up to the mark.
  • The bowls are very light when handled and have been designed in a way to provide maximum grip, when held in your hands.

Apart from serving you well, Top Quality Hard Plastic Salad & Snack Bowls Set by Oasis Creations also makes for a great gift. If you have an upcoming wedding to attend to, or you are thinking about a great gift for a home warming you are invited to next week, you should seriously consider gifting a set to your friends.

As a manufacturer of some of best quality hard plastic wares we can assure you, that you will be satisfied to the maximum by our product. Once you have used our products to liven the food settings in your property, you will definitely want to recommend it to your near and dear ones, for they would love to present their food, in the same manner as you have.

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