Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser (Black Smoke) - TP334

Paper towels are something we use on a daily basis while cleaning our hands or anything else. Keeping them on rolls or any other way is too hectic to deal with. This is where a paper towel dispenser can help you by leaps and bounds. Although, there are several paper towel dispensers out there, only a few work perfectly, among which Paper towel dispenser by Oasis Creations is one. This high quality product offers several features. Here’s a look at some of the best features that this paper towel dispenser has to offer:


  • Finest Quality:The paper towel dispenser by Oasis Creations is designed and developed with top notch quality materials, using premium manufacturing procedures. Translucent smoke plastic is used to produce this paper towel dispenser, to ensure that it remains efficient and durable. With such superior quality materials, this product operates flawlessly giving you utmost convenience.
  • Mountable and Sleek Design:This paper towel dispenser comes in a modern and sleek design that fits all types of washrooms perfectly. With dimensions of 10.5 x 12.9 x 4.6 in, this paper towel dispenser can save quite an amount of space in your washroom. The special feature of this product is that it can be mounted to a wall easily.
  • Hygienic Key Lock:This paper towel dispenser works with same levels of effectiveness for any type of washroom, be it a restaurant, hotel, office, or any other space. A key lock feature is embedded into this paper towel dispenser to achieve low levels of wastage and pilferage. With this product, you receive two dispenser keys for your convenience.
  • Superior Holder Capacity: This product, which dispenses Multi-fold paper towels possess a very high holder capacity, enabling you to relax without worrying about frequent refilling. To be more precise, this paper towel dispenser can hold up to 500 multifold paper towels.
  • Easy and Smooth Refilling:This paper towel dispenser is very easy to use and refill. With a high holder capacity, refilling can be done periodically without bothering to refill quite often.
  • Effortless Installation:With a shipping weight of 2.1lb, this product comes with a 1 paper towel dispenser along with a set of instructions that explains the installation process. The manual is simple and easy to understand, making it to install the product easily.