6" Silver Rimmed White Plates (50 count)

50 pc Plate Package: The product consists of 50 pieces of quality, strong and hard plastic. The large quantity of plates is useful for a varying number of occasions, such as hosting parties, organizing functions, catering, picnics, and is even handy for everyday uses. The large number of plates in the package also ensures that doing the dishes can now be put in the back burner, as the inexpensive product is economic enough to be used as a disposal, and can be thrown after use.

Durable and long-lasting: The plates are made of the quality materials which ensure sturdiness and long lasting use of the plates.

Modish and Aesthetic: These plates are are chic and modern, and can spruce up the décor of your home with ease. These plates come in 6”and 9” and feature a beautiful and elegantly designed rim.

Quality:  Made of non-toxic and BPA-free materials to maintain the high standards and expectations of our consumers.

Money back guarantee: You can't go wrong With our 30-day money back guarantee policy.