Champagne Glasses 4 oz (50 count)

  • Oasis Creations presents a 50-piece champagne glasses set, containing 2 stem cups. Each glass has a capacity of 4 oz. The glasses are made using premium hard plastic, which is shatterproof and lightweight. You can use them in parties, weddings, buffets, or celebrations of any kind! The glasses are designed in such a way that makes it comfortable to hold in your hands and enjoy every sip of champagne with your friends. The high quality finishing of the plastic makes it look like glass, and hence adds to the inherent beauty of the piece.
  • The classic stem cup design gives off an air of luxury and elegance. It also adds glamour to your celebrations and gives an elated feeling after every sip of champagne is tasted. The glasses from Oasis Creations are a perfect fit for any formal or informal celebrations you host. The crystal clear transparency of the glass enhances the champagne drinking experience. You can not only use them for champagnes but also for red and white wines.
  • Best quality plastic used for making the glasses which is hygienic and has a long life. The glasses are designed with precision and the production processes used for manufacturing them are of high standards so that you are satisfied with the use and feel of the glasses. The polished surface finish of the glasses makes them pleasing to your touch when you hold them in your hands.
  • Plastics are shatter resistant. And that is why, if the champagne glass slips off your hand, it will not spoil your party. It will not cause any dangerous accident. They are economical compared to real glass. Washing them is not an issue at all. You can hand-wash and reuse them or you can even dispose them saving your time and effort.
  • These glasses are even great for serving fruit juices, fruit salad with custard, deserts, ice creams, cold soups such as gazpacho, borscht, and vichyssoise or just yoghurt with some topping. If you are hosting your kid’s birthday, u can fill these glasses with candies and chocolates to give the celebration a peppy look!
  • Customer satisfaction is the priority. Oasis Creations provides you 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. If you are unhappy with the product quality, or if you feel that they are not worth the cost, you can simply return them and get your money back.