Brown Kraft Paper Bag 8"x4.75"x10" (100 count)

100 pc Product:Each paper bag bundle consists of 100 pieces of top notch paper bags, with durable and reinforced twisted paper carrying handles, and toughened bottoms. The vast amount of bags in the bundle make it ideal for everyday use, with its dimensions of 8”x4.75”x10”  making its use felt for all practical purposes, from carrying lunches to sending wedding invites. The low cost of the bags also allows for economic usage, without the fear of spending too much.

Eco friendly Product: Paper Bags are comparatively less harmful to the environment, as compared to plastic bags, which are a leading cause in environmental pollution. The bags are 100% biodegradable, reusable, and eco-friendly, helping to reduce the harm being done to the environment. However, the strong quality of the product prevent the bags from being susceptible to easy wear and tear, and can be reused again and again when being used for daily purposes, which contributes to the saving of the planet as well.

Superior Manufacturing: For the brand, along with the continued high quality of its products, customer satisfaction and protection of the environment is paramount as well. Thus, besides being lightweight and durable, the bags are completely organic, BPA free, contains no toxins or otherwise harmful chemicals and other substances. This ensures that no harmful chemicals are transmitted through the contents of the bag, and no harmful chemicals are ingested in any form through the use of these bags.

Stylish and Chic:The look and feels of the bags are on par with their manufacturing. Durable twisted handles ensure a tight grip on the bags, with handy and reinforced bottoms, enabling them to stand up straight on their own. The bags are made in a manner that the fold and become completely flat, minimizing the space they need. In addition, the bags are minimally processed and unbleached, which make for a great item for Arts and Crafts. They can be decorated according to wish, with all sorts of items, ranging from paper tissues to glitter, and can be painted and drawn upon as well.

Amazon’s Choice:The best assurance of the products quality comes from being awarded as Amazons recommended product in this category, showcasing the trust that both the customers and the retailer have in the product. The brand always strives to better and improve in all ways, and this fact is evident from its 4.0 review rating, which brings to light the feelings of customers towards this product.

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