Premium Gold Design Plates and Cutlery Set (175 Count) - GRD1GC

  • 175 Piece Set
  • 25 Dinner Plates (10.25 inches)
  • 25 Salad Plates or Dessert Plates (7.5 inches)
  • 25 Tumbler Cups
  • 25 Napkins
  • 25 Knives
  • 25 Forks
  • 25 Spoons

Oasis Creation's Premium Gold Design Plates and Cutlery Set includes table setting for a total of 25 guests. Each bundle supplies 25 dinner plates, 25 appetizer plates, 25 tumbler cups, 25 napkins, 25 gold forks, 25 gold knives, and 25 gold spoons for a total of a 175 piece set.

Our plastic plate set is made of premium quality. It is extremely durable and sturdy and gives off a very contemporary and sleek touch. Great for all sorts of events, from birthdays to brunches, office parties, even casual gatherings. This gold dinnerware set is eye catching and will definitely impress your guests!

This plastic plates and cutlery set is not only environmentally friendly, but is also disposable or reusable, whichever you prefer!


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