Silver Cutlery (200 Pieces)

For someone who’s looking forward to hosting a party, one of the important things to focus on is the dining equipment. Among various dining equipment, cutlery is very important, since it’s what helps you cut your food properly. When it comes to cutlery, quality should always be the top priority along with the design and size. Oasis creations have come up with a brilliant cutlery set that’s a perfect suit for any event that you’re going to host. Here’s a few things that one should know about the silver plastic cutlery set by Oasis creations:


A Complete Set:A cutlery set would be incomplete without all types of cutlery accessories. This product comes with 100 hard plastic forks, 50 hard plastic knives, and 50 hard plastic spoons. These three categories of cutlery accessories assist you to handle all types of food items seamlessly.

Sleek and Elegant Design: This cutlery is specifically designed using high quality manufacturing techniques to ensure the design to be elegant and sleek. Such luxurious design is a perfect match for all types of events. Furthermore, the sleek design of this cutlery set gives you an extra edge while handling the food, making it all the more easier.

Premium Quality Materials:The cutlery set from the Oasis Creations is made of prime quality materials to ensure flawless usability and durability. Superior manufacturing procedures are implemented to achieve the top notch quality of this cutlery set, in order for them to be perfect suit in your hands. They’re lightweight and effective for all types of dining activities.

Reusable, Washable or Disposable:All the components of this cutlery set can be reused without any issues. For someone who prefers to wash the cutlery set and simply use them for any other event, this cutlery set can be the best bet. If you’re that person who prefers to avoid all such things, you can simply dispose them.

Perfect Size:While manufacturing this cutlery set, various surveys are taken into consideration for the conclusion of the cutlery set’s size. After thorough assessment, the cutlery set is manufactured with 6.5 - 7 inches, which is supposed to be the optimum size to provide comfort and convenience.