9" Clear Round Plates (50 count)

50 pc Plate Package: Consisting of 50 plates, the packaging contains an immense number of plates, which are useful, durable, and cost effective. These plastic plates trump over the average paper plates for a variety of reasons, including their remunerative usage, and the fact that they are not as flimsy as an average paper plate, hence there is no fear of the products spilling out and falling, which is highly advantageous, especially in social situations which involve toddlers and children, who may be more likely to tip over a paper plate. 9” in diameter, they are the perfect size for food, and their slight depth ensures minimum spillage and wastage.

Disposable and Reusable: The vast number of plates in the product ensure that the plates can be both disposed of and reused, both without extra thought to the environment, as thee plates are made with safe and toxic free materials, which are safe for both the environment and the consumer. Moreover, the low cost of the plates also make it work for college students, who are saved the hassle of cutlery, by removing the time utilised in washing and drying plates every day. Eating out of these plates is not a hassle, as they are not infirm, and neither is there an issue in tossing it away. There is no extra time and effort required in cleaning the plates, should the student choose to do so. These plates are perfect for not only students, but for busy people in all spheres of life, and for those people who live alone as well.

Money back guarantee: Each and every product that is sent from the warehouse of the brand is inspected and is treated as the highest priority, as the brand believes in delivering nothing but the best to all its customers. For this same reason, if there are any issues with the plates, and if the customer is unhappy with the products, the brand always strives to go out of its way to make the consumer satisfied. For this purpose, the brand has a quick 30-day money back guarantee, as for the company, nothing is more important than customer satisfaction.

Superior Quality: The brand always uses environment friendly products, and additionally, also ensures that the materials its made of are toxin free, and safe for human consumption. The plates are used by people of all ages, with varying health issues, and the brand is aware of that. For the reason, the company always ensures that no harmful chemicals enter the body through their goods. The company uses BPA-free materials, and state of the art technological process, with strict quality control.