Universal Paper Towel Dispenser (Black)

Cost Saving Performance: The Paper Towel Dispenser can hold up to 250 tissues at a time. Its compact and practical design ensures that only one paper towel is dispensed at a time, which ensures, in the long run, that the paper towels are used in an economical and environment friendly manner, and that minimum wastage is practised. When talking about wastage, paper towels are usually overlooked as a serious issue, however, they account for over 20 to 40% of daily waste in public places like offices and college dormitories.

Value for Money:Made of extremely durable plastic, this black acrylic paper towel dispenser can dispense up to 9” paper towels with absolute ease. This black acrylic dispenser provides an easy access to the paper manually, and disposes all sorts of paper towels with ease, including C-fold, tri-fold, and multi fold paper towels. The dispensers are of practical use in all places, especially in places like hotels and airports, where the use of paper towels are at a maximum. The use of this paper towel ensures that refilling time is set to a minimum, with its vast capacity to hold the paper towels.

Dual Dispenser:The Paper Towel Dispenser can be utilised in two ways; it can either be mounted on the wall, or can be set on the countertop. The dispenser has a compact and acrylic design, and can be easily mounted on the walls, for an easy and space saving option. It can also be installed on countertops, and even in facilities with restricted storage space

Money back guarantee:The brand believes in quality holding equal importance to quantity. With a 30-day money back guarantee, the brand ensures that every package that is sent from the warehouse is of the utmost quality, as customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal. Should the product be less than satisfactory, a full refund is guaranteed. The product boasts of durable and long standing products, and it is trusted by consumers worldwide for staying true to its words. Thus, the brand strives to guarantee full satisfaction to its customers at all costs.


Satisfied customers: With a whopping 4.2 review rating on amazon.com, the product boasts of satisfied customers all around, who have bought the dispenser and were and were not disappointed with the product, which turned out to be not only elegant in looks, but quite sturdy and durable in use as well.