Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser (Gold) - TS12G

Among the things that we use every day, washrooms are one of the highly important ones. It’s a well-known fact that these common use places must be maintained cleanly in order to ensure that no germs get into our bodies. Whether it’s a commercial space or just a residential one, a toilet should have a toilet seat cover dispenser to ensure that the conditions are hygienic and clean. To serve this purpose, Oasis Creations has rolled out a product which can be labeled as one of the best toilet seat cover dispensers out there. Have a look at some of the features of this product:



Supreme Quality:Manufactured with gold plastic as the main component, this toilet seat cover dispenser is of premium quality which gives you much-needed features such as durability for a long time and low maintenance to save you money and time. Several steps are taken to carefully manufacture this product in such a way, that it lasts very long, making it one of the most durable toilet seat cover dispensers out in the market.

Space Saving and Modern Mountable Design:This advanced toilet seat cover dispenser, which is also a portable design can be mounted to a wall without any hassles. By doing so, you can save your washroom space. This can be great feature for places which have restricted washroom space.

Seamless Refill and High holding capacity:A toilet seat cover dispenser must have decent holder capacity, since it’s a very difficult and hectic thing to reload regularly time and again. This toilet seat cover dispenser has very high holder capacity, which enables you to relax without bothering about reloading it often. This feature provides uninterrupted experience to your guests.

Superfluous Hygiene and Cleanliness:This toilet seat cover dispenser is manufactured in such a way, that it offers higher levels of hygienic conditions by eliminating any chances of pilferage and contamination. This is a must have product in high frequency places such as offices, hotels, restaurants, and many more.

Easy and Simple Installation:This product of 1 toilet seat cover dispenser, which comes at a shipping weight of 1.45lb is super easy to install. All the necessary equipment and instructions are provided with the product, so that you can install this product without any hurdles.