Toilet Paper Dispenser

A washroom or a toilet is a place that everyone uses on a daily basis. Since it’s the place where there’s a possibility of germs to exist easily, right type of equipment with quality products must be used to combat the germs and ensure that the place is clean and hygiene. For such purpose, Oasis Creations has come up with their toilet paper dispenser which is regarded as a top quality product. Have a look at some of the main features that you get with this toilet paper dispenser:

  • Premium Quality:The toilet paper dispenser from Oasis Creations is manufactured with superior quality materials to ensure that the product is both effective and durable. The functionality of this toilet paper dispenser is smooth and convenient. The product is compatible with all toilet papers from any brand. 9” inches jumbo roll tissue paper, which is the most commonly used, is the size that should be used with this toilet paper dispenser.
  • Modern and Mountable Design:This toilet paper dispenser comes in very handy, with it’s design that’s very effective saving space in your bathroom. It takes just a little space to fit in and operate conveniently. With dimensions of 5.1 x 10.6 x 11 inches, this toilet paper dispenser can be mounted to a wall easily, so that it saves you space in washrooms that are space restricted.
  • Superior Hygienic Key Lock:This product is the best accessory for any type of restrooms, be it a restaurant washroom, office washroom, or hotel washroom, or any other. The key lock feature of this toilet paper dispenser enables you to avoid wastage and pilferage to the minimal levels. Two dispenser keys are provided with this toilet paper dispenser.
  • Easy Refill and High Capacity Holder:The holding capacity of this toilet paper is superior, which allows you to not bother about refilling it quite often. With a core size of 3”, this toilet paper dispenser is quite easy and simple to refill.
  • Easy Installation:This product includes 1 toilet paper dispenser and set of instructions that explain the process of installation. As the installation process of this toilet paper dispenser is easy, you can easily setup this product by reading manual instructions.