Commercial Roll Paper Towel Dispenser

Roll paper towels are daily usage elements that everyone utilizes for various types of purposes. The main goal of a paper towel is to keep things clean. Roll paper towels used to come in rolls, which are quite difficult to use, which is why the latest technology has paved way for the roll paper towel dispensers. Oasis Creations has produced a top quality roll paper towel dispenser which is quite efficient in working. Have a look at some of the features that this roll paper towel dispenser offers:


Prime Quality:The roll paper towel dispenser by Oasis Creations has been carefully manufactured using high quality materials among which translucent smoke plastic being one. This product is designed and developed using advance manufacturing procedures to ensure that this roll paper towel dispenser provides efficiency and convenience. The superior quality materials used for the production of this roll paper dispenser contributed to the long lasting durability of this product.

Modern and Mountable Design:This roll paper towel dispenser is designed in a such a way, that it offers much-needed features such as low-maintenance, space saving, and portable. This roll paper towel dispenser can easily be mounted on a wall, making it an effective space saver. This product features no core size requirement and the rolls with diameters ranging from 6.7 inches through 9 inches are compatible. The width of the rolls can be anywhere from 7.8 inches to 8.5 inches.

Hygienic Key Lock:This roll paper towel dispenser can fit any type of space, whether it’s commercial or residential. The maximum potential of this roll paper dispenser lies at serving commercial spaces with high frequency, since this product is designed to be a heavy-duty model. The key lock feature of this product brings the safety aspect, as every roll paper towel dispenser comes with two dispenser keys. 

Excellent Holder Capacity and Easy Refill:This roll paper towel dispenser has a huge holder capacity, with which you can avoid situations where you have to refill frequently. The high holder capacity of this roll paper towel dispenser ensures that the refill can be done periodically. Furthermore the refill process of this product is very easy and simple.

Seamless Installation:This product includes 1 roll paper towel dispenser, which comes at a shipping weight of 4.3lb. Along with the actual product, a very clear set of instructions are provided, explaining the process of installation.

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