Elegant 3 oz Tall Square Dessert Cups made from Durable Crystal Clear Plastic (50 Count)




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If you want people to truly appreciate your efforts, you need to ensure, your dessert is served in an elegant manner. A major part of that elegance is provided by your culinary skills, what remains is provided to you by Premium Tall Square Plastic Cups by Oasis Creations. Not only it allows a person to visually appreciate what they are consuming, it also allows the person to explore the various flavours, that have gone into making the perfect dessert.

Product Highlights:

  • Premium Tall Square Plastic Cups set by Oasis Creations, has been crafted with elegance. Keeping in mind how your dessert will appear to the eyes, once presented to your guests.
  • Each set of Premium Tall Square Plastic Cups set by Oasis Creations contain 50 pcs tall cups which can serve your guests and take care of some unexpected guests.
  • Each cup in the set has been created out of top end quality clear plastic.
  • It’s not only durable and easy to handle, but, also provides you with the convenience of carrying it around easily on a tray, without ever worrying about breaking them.
  • This set of tall cups have been designed to consume less space, hence when stored in a refrigerator, it leaves a lot of room for your other articles.
  • Each cup in the Premium Tall Square Plastic Cups set by Oasis Creations are made out of top quality plastic, which can be washed and reused on any occasion of your choice.
  • The clear transparent cups give your dessert are perfect for serving desserts such as snacks like chips or popcorn, dips and desserts such as ice cream, sundaes, cake, fruit, salads, side dishes, soup, or almost any other kind of food you can imagine

No harmful chemicals were used in making Premium Tall Square Plastic Cups by Oasis Creations. Hence it is completely safe to serve your guests in these cups. Even children, who are known to have less resistance to harmful substances, can make use of these amazing cups for enjoying their desserts, without ever worrying about getting sick in the process.

So, if you have made up your mind for purchasing a set of tall and elegant glasses, then Premium Tall Square Plastic Cups by Oasis Creations are your best bet at owning one. Not only they have a very affordable price tag, they are easily replaceable once they have undergone wear and tear.



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