Champagne Flutes 5 oz (10 count)

10 PC CHAMPAGNE FLUTE BUNDLE:Oasis Creations presents a 10 champagne flutes set, one piece. The total shipping weight of the package is 10.6 oz. Each beautifully designed glass has a capacity of 5.7 oz. with the dimensions 2'' x 7.9'' (5.3cm x 20.2cm). They can be used to make your parties more glamorous and elegant. Since they are made of plastic, they are more durable compared to glasses and also easy to store. You can use them in parties, weddings, buffets, or celebrations of any kind!

UNIQUE AND ATTRACTIVE DESIGN:the elegant design of the glasses, lightweight and glass like finish of the glasses make them an ideal implement for all your celebrations. The shape of the glass gives a class to your celebration. It adds a different level of sophistication. You can not only use them to serve champagnes, but also wine, fruit juices, salads, ice creams, desserts and any other kind of confectionary course.

QUICK & CONVENIENT:These plastic champagne glasses serve you another advantage. They are one piece, hence it saves your time and effort to serve drinks to your guests. There is no need to put the stem into the base unlike a two-piece champagne glass.

PARTY WITHOUT ANY WORRIES: Normal champagne glasses made of glass can shatter once slipped out of your hands. The broken glass pieces are dangerous. These glasses by Oasis Creations will never cause such accidents. Hence you can totally enjoy the moments with your friends by not worrying about the accidents.

GREAT QUALITY PLASTIC USED: Best quality plastic used for making the glasses which is hygienic and has a long life. The glasses are designed with precision and the production processes used for manufacturing them are of high standards so that you are satisfied with the use and feel of the glasses. The polished surface finish of the glasses makes them pleasing to your touch when you hold them in your hands.

REUSABLE AND WASHABLE: The glasses can be reused after washing them. They can be hand washed and stored at a safe place. No precautions need to be taken to keep them away from your children as the plastic used is not hazardous at all!

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Customer satisfaction is the priority. Oasis Creations provides you 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. If you are unhappy with the product quality, or if you feel that they are not worth the cost, you can simply return them and get your money back.

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