Your Public Restroom Affects Your Business

As the saying goes...

"Cleanliness is next to godliness."

And, your public restroom is no exception. As a matter of fact, it is one of the important elements of any commercial buildings that must be taken into good consideration. A clean and dirty bathroom both reflect on your business. Customers will think that a certain business is poorly run if they go to the bathroom and see a mess. On the other hand, a fully cleaned and maintained restroom would impress customers and attract potential clients.

More than eighty percent of people said that the bathroom of a restaurant, hotel, or other businesses is a reflection of its general hygiene. If you see the toilet is in a very disgusting state, imagine what the scenario in a kitchen is. Even employees are being affected by a dirty restroom. In fact, it is linked to poor worker retention rates. It is not just about how clean or dirty the bathroom is. You should also take time to make it comfortable from overall appearance to people's usage.

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Advantages of Having a Clean and Properly Designed Business Restroom

There are actually numerous benefits for keeping your commercial restroom pleasantly clean and well-managed.

Check them out below!

  1. Healthy working environment

A properly cleaned restroom provides a fresh smell. This, eventually, could likely prevent them from getting disease complications because of the improper bowel movement or even germs from passing on their skin.

  1. Project a clear image of your business

A clean and well-maintained restroom encourages positive feelings in clients an guests about your establishment or business. This is true, especially for those who own a restaurant. A properly managed public toilet results in repeat clients and higher revenues.

  1. Improve the health of your employees

Your employees play a huge part in growing and thriving your business. What could happen if they take sick leaves due to the disease-causing germs they got in a dirty bathroom?

  1. Improve air quality

To ensure your restroom is always properly cleaned and maintained, it also makes sense to post reminders of basic toilet etiquette.

  1. Prevent potential injuries

Cluttered and unclean washroom surfaces sometimes lead to slip-ups and any other horrible accidents. So, keep it neat, clean, and dry.

  1. Develop genuine trust among clients

Is your business in the hospitality industry or other service industries? Then, maintain clean and appealing designs to help put your client at ease with regard to the rest of your business operations.

  1. Satisfied customers

Customer complaints are among the nightmares of any business. Especially in today's modern age, a single post of a client about his negative experience about a company could simply tarnish its image. And the bathroom is no exception. Neat, clean bathrooms can result in a number of happier customers. This will minimize overall complaints against your business. Clean facilities show the dedication of a company to every stage of the client service experience. They appreciate these efforts and might leave you with a rewarding review afterward.

  1. Extend the life span of fixtures and pieces of furniture

Assets like tile floors and surfaces can help increase their life span with daily toilet cleaning.

Practices to Keep a Hygienic and Clean Restroom

Here is a list of things you should take into account when renovating or building a restroom. Follow them now and expect to reap fruitful benefits later!

  • Keep it always clean

Basic yet very crucial. Clean the restrooms every day. It is better to make a schedule, so your employees know when it is their turn to do the task. Do a spot check every hour, which includes sweeping the floor, restocking supplies, and wiping down bathroom surfaces for around ten minutes.

Daily cleaning per day is much more recommended. Included in this task are removing the trash, mopping the floor, disinfecting surfaces, etc. There's also deep restroom cleaning, which is done on a scheduled basis - whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The tasks include scrubbing floors, wiping down partition walls, making any repairs, as well as dusting the corners, door frames, baseboards, ceilings, corners, fans, and vents. Even a not-so flashy facility turns out to be attractive if the restroom is consistently in a pristine condition.

  • Get creative

Just like how people talk about and recommend a salon for having their hair meticulously taken care of or a restaurant for providing delicate foods with a variety to choose from, so as public restrooms. For instance, a bathroom that's beautifully designed with a creative combination of neon lighting and mosaic made a unique first impression to the people who used it. As a result? They can't help but talk about it.

  • Stay on your theme

If your restroom already has a general aesthetic or theme, keep it and you're on the go. One unique bathroom we can cite as an example is a distillery company where it made use of huge whiskey barrels to house its bathrooms. Definitely a unique concept!

  • Light up

Have you experienced going to a bathroom only to be welcomed by blaring agleam fluorescent lights? You surely disliked this experience, neither your customers nor visitors. A basic rule here is to opt for simple fixtures with soft lighting. After all, people go there to freshen up and not to be awe with the kind of lighting your bathroom has.

  • Little things matter

Don't afraid to invest in simple things to make your restrooms more friendly and comfortable for your guests. Little things such as plush hand towels and fresh flowers could make a big impression. Also things such as touchless and hands free dispensers make a difference. Oasis Creation's Hands Free Paper Towel Dispenser is great!

It is definitely the main goal of a business or establishment to be successful in the field they're into. One way is through ensuring a well maintained and appropriately designed restroom. Clean restrooms do not only communicate how a business cares for its customers, but it also maintain healthy and safe as well as reduce costly repairs that can weaken their budget.

With this set of best practices, you're always ready to greet your clients and even guests with well-stocked, clean bathrooms in each of their visits. You are ready to get your business to grow and flourish too!