Why choose this particular dinner set for your special occasions?

Why choose this particular dinner set for your special occasions?

Dinner wares are a representation of your hospitability. There is something about a setting up your dining table for guests. You want to serve them the best and you don’t want the taste of your delicious dishes to be marred by unmatched and boring dinner ware. And this is why this silver disposable dinnerware is the perfect for you.

It will look great on your table on any occasion.

With its realistic silver finishing, you will love how beautiful the dinner set looks. It is perfectly complimented with silver spoons, forks and knifes. If you have a party happening or any festivities, this dinner set is perfect for you. It will give your dining room a little touch of royalty and is also great for any wedding dinners.

It is lighter in weight.

As our dinner ware is disposable and made of plastic, it is lighter than your typical metal or glass dinner sets. No more worrying about breakage while handling.

It is affordable.

Though they look elegant and festive, they are round plastic plates. A set of 25 dinner plates, 25 salad plates and 25 forks, spoons and knives each, this is a perfect substitute instead of arranging for expensive and fragile, real metal or glass sets for large parties.

The cleaning is the easiest.

Since these are disposable, you save time and effort without compromising with the aesthetics of your party. No need to hire different staff for washing plates or doing it by yourself. Just use and throw.

Quality is everything.

These plates may be disposable, but they are also very durable and strong. The quality check they receive makes them safe for food. The cutlery is sharp enough and safe enough for use without any difficulty or breakage.

This dinner set perfect to make your party more functional and easy-going. They are best suited for large parties and we offer a 30 day return policy with a full refund is the product is anything less than your expectations. Nothing more risk free than knowing that you will get your money back in case of any quality issues on our part or returns.

What makes this set the perfect for your parties?

Dinner wares represent your hospitability. When you spend hours over the food that you serve your guest, how can you not serve it in the most appealing manner?

Say no to boring and plain dinner plates.

With its premium silver design, this dinner set only adds to the appeal of your delicious food. With its matching set of silver cutlery, it will only make your dinner party seem more sophisticated. 

Lightweight and affordable.

These plates may look expensive and delicate, but they are made of plastic and made for easy handling. They are a set of 25 dinner plates, 25 salad plates, 25 sets of knives, forks and spoons each of which look elegant and are yet more affordable than actual metal or glass dinner ware.

Disposable is desirable.

No more hassling over the post-party cleaning. Just dump them after use as they are disposable. There is no need to use plain plates in order to make cleaning easy. You can still make your dining look pretty without worries.

Guaranteed Quality checks.

Our Dinner ware is one of the best risk-free investments you can make. Though they appeal to your eyes, they still are strong. These plates and cutlery sets are strong and are very comfortable to use. We use good quality raw materials and make a safe and dependable product.

You are offered a 30 day refund option in case of any packaging damage or if we fail to meet your expectations.

Compliments your food, dining and party celebrations.

Weddings, festivals mean many guests and dinner parties. Why waste money hiring dinner sets or buying expensive ones for such large number?

This disposable silver dinner set for 25 will need no storage or extra cleaning and will still add to the aesthetics of your party. 


What plastic bowls to look for


Plastic bowls are essential to any event where a large number of people are invited. Plastic bowls can be used to serve dessert or any other delicacies at the end of a meal.




These silver rimmed white bowls can be used to serve dessert in your party. They are extremely durable and appealing to the eye. They are of the perfect shape and size to suit your needs. They have a capacity of 12oz which is perfect for serving dessert. These bowls come in a pack of 50.


Here is a list of qualities to look for when choosing a plastic bowl:


  1. Elegant looks


If these bowls are used to serve in gorgeous parties, they better not become an oddity and serve as an integral part of the theme of the party. These elegant plastic wedding bowls sport beautiful look to please the eyes of the guests.


  1. Material


High-quality material is also of colossal importance. These silver rimmed plastic bowls are made of high quality and durable material. They are disposable and yet are not a threat to the environment. They are disposable and yet are not so cheap in quality that they will sag or cringe during use.


  1. Longevity


These plastic dessert bowls can be used more than once as they are made of tough plastic. You can simply wash these plastic bowls thoroughly and reuse them. These dessert bowls are disposable so after using a few times they can be thrown away at your will.


  1. Capacity


These bowls are capable of holding about 12 oz. this capacity is perfect for serving dessert in ceremonies. These silver rimmed white bowls can be used to serve appetizers as well. Anything but the main course meal can be easily served using them.


  1. Value for money


If you do not get what you expected from this product, the company guarantees you that you will get a complete refund of your money.