Weddings By Seasons

Your wedding is one of the most important events that you will ever have in your life. You obviously want it to be impactful, to stand out and to make you happy. In order to do that you need to figure out what season works for you and why you should choose that instead of any other season. Here you have a list of pros and cons for weddings, a list we created for every season.


One of the top advantages for weddings during the fall is that the temperature is very good. You have the falling leaves that can make for a really nice set of pictures. You can still have a wedding outdoor if you want and that can be really fun. Plus, you can use a natural backdrop. On top of that, if you like the darker color schemes for the day, fall is definitely the right season. You have a combination of green, red, deep purple, orange and bronze that work really well here.

Weather during the Fall is good, you won’t have unpredictable weather which is always nice. Also, even if it gets darker a bit sooner than usual, you still have a very good spectrum of hours to play with. You can also ad in the beauty of nature to your wedding.

There are downsides too. Most fall weddings tend to be indoors just to avoid weather issues, so prices can be a bit higher. You also need to be less flexible if you want an indoor location. This is also a time that can be difficult for people from a financial standpoint. On top of that, the changing weather can damage your skin. Attendance can be a problem as people are busy during the fall.


Summer is the best time to have a wedding for most people. And the primary reason is because you have variety when it comes to meat, fruits and even cheese for example. Everything is fresh, and the weather outside is amazing too. The summer days are long and hot, the summer nights are a bit colder and that’s still really exciting.

Another great thing about summer weddings is you get to serve cold, refreshing appetizers and desserts! Oasis Creations has a large selection of plastic appetizer and dessert cups that are great for these types of occasions.

Also, summer is the perfect time to access all the flowers you need. And since weddings take place during the evenings, you get to avoid those hot hours of the day without issues. The weather is comfortable once the sun goes down and you have access to all services without worries. You can even have your wedding in nature if you want to.

The problems arrive due to how strange the summer weather can be. Day time weddings are not great during the summer because the temperature is extremely high. The heat is also very distracting for guests. Also, the light is very bright and that can be problematic for both photographers and videographers. Booking some vendors can also be difficult during the summer.


You will like spring weddings because they are very fun and romantic. New flowers are growing, you also have pretty good weather and many locations are available too. In fact, many wedding venues are less expensive during the spring, which makes this season a very good one for weddings actually. The color palette can be varied and distinctive. The lighting is great and that means it’s one of the best times for taking photos and videos. You will also be less restricted by weather when it comes to choosing your wedding apparel.

It makes a lot of sense to choose spring because it’s unique, different and one of the best times to have a wedding. You don’t have the summer hotness, but you still enjoy many of the benefits like great selections of flowers and lower prices.

The problem with spring weddings is that there will be some spring chills especially during the night. Which is why you might end up being restricted only to the indoor venues. Also, vendors are upping their prices from time to time during the spring, which can be a bit problematic in most situations. This is also the season which generates lots of allergies, and you should totally think about this.


Is it a good idea to have your wedding during the winter?  It makes sense especially if you want to have some really nice, fun and cool pictures for the wedding. Also, you have that dreamy wedding that takes place indoor. You have all kinds of options when it comes to food and other features, which is always a very good thing. You can also opt for all kinds of details, and that alone can be very exciting and insanely fun, something you will like exploring and enjoying all the same because it’s really different. Also, you can save extra money here as not everyone likes winter as their wedding season.

But then again you also have downsides. It can be hard to make lots of guests come to the wedding, especially if there are weather issues. Most of the time it’s those weather issues that can be a deal breaker. Also, the clothes need to be tailored to the season, which can add up the costs as a whole. The snow focused venues might also end up being expensive. Just like any other season, this one can bring in complications and challenges, so you need patience and you have to be committed until you find the right venue.

It’s definitely not easy to find the right season for a wedding. It can be tricky to find the right wedding season, true, but you have to at least try. Read this list of pros and cons, then you will find it a lot easier to choose the right time. Yes it might be difficult, especially if you have a limited budget. But if you commit to it and make it work, the payoff can be really good. Just give it a shot and use these tips to find the right season. You will save a lot of time and money this way!

And, whichever season you eventually do choose, Oasis Creation’s products can be elegantly used at your wedding- be it plates, cups, or appetizer and dessert cups!