Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Your wedding is meant to be a fun, exciting, and entertaining event. After all, you don’t get married every day, right? Since this is a momentous occasion you share with your family and friends, the last thing you want is to bore them or worse, make them fall asleep in the middle of a toast!

This is why you need to think of the best wedding entertainment ideas to avoid turning your special day into a complete snooze-fest. There are tons of unique, innovative, but affordable entertainment options that will make your wedding day the talk of the town for days, weeks, months, or even years!

Go Offbeat for Your First Dance

The traditional first dance doesn’t have to be traditional, so to speak. Why not learn a secret new dance routine with your other half? Take inspiration from movies or your favorite shows. Your main goal here is to surprise your wedding guests with an out of the ordinary first dance.

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Give Dance Lessons to Everyone

Say goodbye to the dreaded dance moves and unsuccessful feet shuffling. Why not schedule professional dance lessons for all of your guests? Samba and salsa classes can get your party started on the right foot.

Heat It Up with a Dance Off

The good conventional dance-off is one of the best wedding entertainment ideas that work all the time. You probably know how this works. One side for the gents and another side for the ladies and anything can go from there. You can allow your DJ to decide on the prizes for the persons with the worst and best moves.

Make Everyone Join in Flash Mobs

Whether you love flash mobs or not, there is no denying that they remain to be in demand as far as events are concerned, and weddings are not an exception. There is no other better and fun way to make your families and friends hit the floor. And while you’re at it, make it as wild as you can get!

Let Magicians Do the Trick

Who doesn’t get enthralled by magicians? Even after all the shows that reveal the secrets behind magic tricks, magicians are still greatly in demand. Magicians are versatile options for wedding entertainment ideas as they are easy to organize and can give you a bang for your buck. The magicians don’t need to perform during the reception. You can also ask them to do their rounds mid-meal to keep your guests entertained. They can also mingle with your guests who are taking a break in between dancing.



Spice Things Up with a Photo Scavenger Hunt

A photo scavenger hunt is not only meant for the kids because even your adult guests will appreciate this activity. Let them compete throughout your event. This can bring out your guests’ competitive streak as you ask them to snap photos with the waiters or take a photo of the groom planting a kiss on his bride’s cheek. You could also ask them to post their photos on Instagram complete with hashtags.

Be Trendy with Mirror Photo Booths

For the past few years, photo booths rose to become a staple in wedding receptions. These are available in all sizes and shapes, from taxi to caravan booths. Give the trend a cooler twist by going for something more unusual. In a magic mirror photo booth, your guests can pose before the touch-sensitive mirror and make things more fun with props. The photos can then be printed in just a matter of seconds.

Have Fun with a Petting Zoo

Anything is possible as far as unusual wedding entertainment ideas are concerned. If your wedding venue is a country farm, you can head outside with your little guests to check out the resident animals in the venue. There are also mobile petting zoos available, with the farmyard brought to you instead of the other way around!

Add a Touch of the Supernatural with a Palm Reader

Make your wedding reception more mystical by organizing a palm reader who will wander around the tables mid-course. This can sometimes work as an effective way to fill in that awkward gap that always happens in any kind of event.

Customize with Caricatures

Give personalized favors to your guests through caricatures. What is even better is to ask them to doodle you and your partner. These can then claim a spot on the kitchen wall that you can look at every time you feel like reminiscing how fun your wedding day was.

Induce Laughter with a Celebrity Impersonator

Don’t worry if your invitation didn’t get any response from Chris Hemsworth because there is one more way for your wedding to be star-studded. Why not hire a lookalike? Can you imagine how your wedding photos will become with Chris Hemsworth’s doppelganger right there in the middle of everyone? Talking about fun, indeed!

Hire a Serenading Band

Serenading bands work best when they can come up with songs right on the spot. All they need is a few inputs from you, and you can expect them to create a song out of it in a matter of seconds. Genius, right?


Plan a Mr. and Mrs. Contest

Do you think you know everything there is to know about your partner? You can ask several Mr. and Mrs. quiz questions, starting from simple and easy ones such as the shoe size of the groom to trickier subjects like the name of the first pet. This contest is a great for you to get to learn new things about your other half. You can ask your best man to spearhead the quiz, and this is guaranteed to rake in so much fun.

Look for Singing Waiters

Hire some singing waiters to liven up your event and give a whole new meaning to service with a smile. To ensure the wow factor, make sure you keep it as a secret from all your guests until the waiters start singing their first song.

These are just some of the many extraordinary wedding entertainment ideas that you and all your guests will definitely love and enjoy!

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