Wedding Blog for Men: Grooms Advice

The bride is often the focus of all the fuss and preparations at a wedding. From her wedding dress to her nail color, big and small details about the bride usually spark conversations that can go on and on for hours.

But, a wedding is not only about the bride because 50% of this event involves the groom as well. This is why it is a must for the groom to enjoy this momentous day in his life while making sure that everything flows smoothly for both him and his beloved partner.

You don’t get married to the same woman twice (except when you renew your vows, of course!) so as a groom, you should do everything in your power to make this special day one for the books. Here are some useful pieces of advice for the grooms from other grooms.

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It All Starts with a Plan

Plan your wedding day down to the last minute several months in advance. You should know where you will be as well as when you will be there. Your ushers should also be included in your plan since they will play this out as you prepare for your wedding. Although it might seem like it isn’t spontaneous and slightly clinical, timing everything right will eliminate your worries so you can just enjoy your wedding day as much as you want.

Only the Right Men Can Do the Job Right

You might feel tempted to assign your best buddies with some ushering tasks but remember that they should do so much more than that. The smooth flow of a wedding depends on the organization. Unlike bridesmaids who help your bride in the preparation, your troop might have lots of spare time.

Aside from looking after that precious ring, they also serve as the face of your wedding. They are the ones who should answer questions of your guests. They should also ensure that everyone is where they are supposed to be. In general, they make sure that the entire ceremony runs smooth.

This means that the ushers you choose should not only be based on who your best buddies are. Instead, they should be reliable and trustworthy. Choose those who will never let you down and end up ruining your big day.

Play It Smart with Your Suit

It is admittedly more important for the bride to choose what to wear. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think of your outfit as well. The secret is to play things smartly. For grooms who are not too fashion-conscious, it is best to choose your clothes with some help from other people. It can be a professional or your fashionable buddy.

If everything else fails, you can ask your bride what she wants you and your ushers to wear. This will help avoid unwanted clashes and ensure that she will be satisfied and happy the moment she sees you down the aisle.

Once your special day comes, make sure you spend lots of time getting the dress to look dashing from head to toe.

Book the Sweetest and Most Unforgettable Honeymoon

Among the jobs of a groom before the wedding is to book your honeymoon. The location you choose might be what you and your significant other have decided early on or something you planned as a surprise for her. Whatever it is, make sure you book it as early as you can. This lets you check it off your to-do list earlier.

Prepare Your Toast Months Ahead

Many grooms rush into a wedding that they often forget about the toast. You might want to write it down or at least think of it several months in advance. Schedule a 2-week deadline to write down and sort out everything. Ask your friend to check it for you.

Traditionally, the speech of the groom shouldn’t be filled with jokes, inappropriate lines, and puns since this is the job of the best man. Express your gratitude to the right people and add some words that express your feelings for your bride and the fact that you finally married her.

Don’t Ignore That Alarm

Waking up once your alarm chimes might be more challenging if you spent the night out. But, it is best to refrain from grabbing drinks because a hangover is the last thing you want for your big day. Set your alarm right to ensure that you wake up on time to prepare. You can also ask two of your ushers to set their own alarms earlier than your alarm and ask them to wake you up.

If you will have a wedding in the morning, it is a great tip to enjoy a normal breakfast. You might feel a bit nervous at this point, but it doesn’t mean you should say no to your morning meal. After all, you need every ounce of energy for your big day, and a big breakfast can kick start it.

Prepare an Extra Special Gift for the Special Day

Surprise your bride with a gift to make sure she wakes up with a smile that will last until she walks the aisle towards you. The perfect gift is something personal and represents your relationship. Of course, you can’t meet her on the morning of your wedding so you might want to ask a bridesmaid to give your gift once the right time comes. This should be small but with a big and memorable impact.

Say No to Drinks

Your wedding reception will likely have a bar where your wedding guests can enjoy themselves as they get a sip of everything available. However, remember that this is your special day. You are not the guest here. You can always get drunk any other time, but you only get married once. You wouldn’t want to ruin your special day with bad behavior, hazy memories, and unruly actions for the sake of getting a drink.

Your best mates might want to buy you drinks to celebrate this milestone, but again, you are the groom. The stag weekend was supposed to be the time for filling your system with all the drinks you want. A few sips won’t hurt but know your limits. You will be happy you made the decision when you wake up on the morning of your wedding day without any traces of hangover, with your memory intact to savor every special moment of your wedding day.

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