Wedding Attire for Men

Wedding attire for men can be a little tricky. After all, it is not every day that gents get invited to such an event.

This is why it is a must that you understand everything about the wedding and what is requested by the couple in their invites. This will ensure that you don’t overdress or underdress. Whether you are attending a summer garden wedding or a glorious fall wedding in a French chateau, there are some important rules to follow so you will look right on point without robbing the attention from the stunning bride or upstaging the dashing groom.

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Wedding Attire for Men forSmart Casual Weddings

Smart casual gives weddings a more refined meaning. As far as dress code is concerned, smart casual lets you relax tailoring while looking put-together carefully. You can choose something stylish and comfortable but still laid back in a certain way.

For your suits, you can break out colors. You can settle for the basics if you like, although smart-casual weddings are the best chance for more noticeable patterns and bolder colored tailoring. Unstructured or softly structured would be great here. Separates also work at this informality level and is the sole time for saturated colors and lively prints to light up the separates.

Be creative with your shirts. You can use a plain shirt, but you can freshen things up with something more outlandish. If you want to be a little brazen, use tasteful and minimal accessories.

As for your shoes, stay neutral without being stuffy. An upward or a smart loafer is good as long as you are comfortable.

Wedding Attire for Men forSemi-Formal Weddings

Wedding invitations these days popularly request for a semi-formal dress code. This is also the safest bet for weddings with no specified code. This is more relaxed compared to black-tie but is still different from casual. Styling, however, shouldn’t look like you are attending a court hearing or going to the office. This is the most common mistake many men make in the hopes of looking sophisticated only to come off as polite, stuffy, and clichéd.

The semi-formal look is founded on a dark suit, whether it is a three-piece or a two-piece one. The choice is yours to make. Charcoal grey, navy, and black are all good options, particularly for winter weddings. For summer and day weddings, you can wear a lighter suit but don’t forego your tie and socks.

Go for solid neutral colors for your shirt. Demure jacquard, or mild pattern will also do. Your shirt should be clean, pressed, and crisp, with the collar sharp and never limp.

Complete your semi-formal ensemble with oxfords, and if you want to be a bit bolder, you can wear monk strap shoes but stick to black or brown shades. Ensure that your shoes look their best by cleaning and polishing them before the wedding.

Wedding Attire for Men forBlack Tie Weddings

Nothing exudes class and sophistication better than a tuxedo. Although the severity of dress codes for the wedding has become softer for the past few years, black-tie still remains as the backbone of any formal attire. Formal weddings today entail the use of standard tuxedo.

Standard tuxedo is composed of a black dinner jacket whose material is high quality wool of medium weight. This jacket comes with a shawl or peak lapel, without vents, and with grosgrain or satin finish to add a faint sheen contrast to matte jacket.  A nice alternative is one in midnight blue although you can also add on-beat prints and bolder colors, particularly with material variations like velvet. A black trouser can balance a bold jacket.

Trousers traditionally have grosgrain stripe down leg out-seam for matching the lapels. Stay away from loops when wearing trousers and choose a flat front style that sits high on your waist.

 Achieve a cleaner look with a plain shirt front. If you like something fancier, you can go for pleated or something made from classic Marcella fabric to achieve a textured touch that will not make you look overwhelming. The base rule is to turn down your collars as this is the trend for modern black-tie events, unless of course if it is super formal. You can either conceal the buttons or show them off.

Black is always best for shoe color in a black tie. Purists stick with pumps with silk or satin bow on top although these are now rare. Use black leather lace-ups instead. The secret here is simplicity, so avoid those punch holes or leather shoe trends such as chunky heels and contrast soles.

Wedding Attire for Men forCocktail Dress Code Weddings

Cocktail attire sits right in the middle of semi-formal and smart casual. For weddings, this should be tailored according to the time of the day and the season. Suits in tweed materials and heavier wools are more suitable for winter. On the other hand, suits in linen, cotton, or seersucker are best for summer. For weddings held at night, choose dark colors. For day weddings, opt for light colors like cream, white, smoke, grey, or beige.

Pick your two-piece in notch or peak lapel and settle for slip and sharp cut. For colors, charcoal and navy are solid but a tad too easy. Great alternatives are burgundy, forest green, and earthen colors like brown, camel, and blues that are more saturated. Tasteful suit patterns are also acceptable prints for cocktail weddings.

If you go bolder with your suit, choose a demure print or black-colored shirt but only if you are wearing a patterned suit.

Tan is perfect for summer, and dark leather shoes are great for winter. If it is day time, wear smart loafers with no embellishments and contrast stitching.

Wedding Attire for Men forTropical, Island or Summer Weddings

Summer and spring weddings, weddings held amidst humid climates, and daytime weddings require a more casual dress code. But changes would be on the suit and material of the suit instead of the style itself.

Casual suits should be like linen or cotton, which are made from fabric with more texture and more open weave. Casual tailoring resembles unstructured jacket without lining, shoulder pads, and draped silhouette. Create a more casual twist by mixing and matching the trousers and jacket.

Grab this chance to be a bit louder with your shirts. Solid pastel colors and chambray blue are great shades for summer, both breathable and light being cotton. You can still use dark colors but include plaid or paisley if you want to dress up a beige or cream suit stylishly.

This is also the chance to make use of your shoe collection. Most things are acceptable at this point provided that they look sharp. You can use your oxfords, brogues, derbies, monk straps, wingtips, or loafers. Sneakers and sandals, however, are a big no-no unless you are attending a beach ceremony where sandals are acceptable.

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