Travel and Touring: Summer of 2020

The pandemic has definitely changed the rules of our social customs, and this summer is no different. It is very important to stay safe while maintaining social distance and wearing masks to prevent it from spreading.

For this reason, before taking into account the idea of leaving the security of your homes, we must know that we can enjoy vacations inside the house. Social media makes it possible for us to access many online activities that aim to change our routine during lockdown. Great live concert chat rooms can be found all over the web trying to keep everyone as entertained as possible.

In spite of the many choices internet has to offer, family time is also important, board games or simply a long conversation can ease the stress and anxiety that quarantine has given to those who used to spend long periods of time outside.

The established recommendations by the OMS included only going out when strictly necessary and avoiding it otherwise. Even though this establishment has remained as the top priority for the past months, now other organizations have put their efforts into allowing people to actually be able to travel to other countries while staying safe as well.

The main target of these measures is in Europe, since many countries from this continent have suffered severe conditions during the pandemic. Not every state had the same problem though, there were others who struggled with the disease, but were able to outcome it without leaving too many casualties behind. These countries are up to the idea of opening their territories to visitors who want to be away from the difficult situation they are facing at the time.


Georgia is one of the countries interested in bringing tourism back to life by letting people get into their lands to spend summer vacations. All this seems unreal, but it’s actually very close to become true since security measures are being implemented on the airports to avoid the creation of virus hotspots.

Apart from all the implementations, Georgia is a small European country that possesses many luxuries that would seem unpayable in other places. They have five-star hotels that are at least half the price they would be in other famous places like Paris or London. As a plus, this country also has a higher average number of hospital beds per thousand inhabitants that larger countries such as Sweden.

If this wasn’t enough, Georgia is a rural country that manages its spaces very well with the right combination between modern structures and breathtaking landscapes that definitely could make a good complement for the summer vacations.


This destination is a much-known one. The beautiful Greece is also planning to regain its usual visitors. It’s no secret that Greece has beautiful beaches, delicious Mediterranean food, and a very distinct culture. The impact of the virus in this country wasn’t as strong as others. Having 50 times fewer infected than other European countries, Greece has been able to maintain a firm condition in regards to the virus.

Another appealing factor is the big set of islands it has, many of them cover with semblances of the past fused with the ambiance created by the inhabitants who usually prefer a life far away from technology and are more focused on crafting and fishing as their main source of sustenance.


Increasing the number of options to go to, there’s Croatia, a country that is the perfect destination for those who enjoy water sports. Croatia had 20% fewer infected than other countries and remains a relatively safe place to go during summer. One good thing about this country is the large number of regulations applied in all big hotels and also the number of private villas used for the many visitors they have. There’s also a large group of apartments and family hotels that will be ready for all the tourists that wish to have a good and relaxing moment. Croatia is known for its variant yet exquisite gastronomy, giving many restaurants as relevant options for travelers who want to make the most out of their journeys.

What to do

All these countries are planning to open their doors on July 1st. This summer vacation won’t be as difficult to plan as thought. Another factor that is relevant when choosing a destination is health care. With COVID-19 still on the move, it is important to avoid large numbers of crowds, as it can end up in many more cases of contaminated people. So, it’s a priority to always use masks when required, wash the hands every time you come in contact with unknown surfaces, and maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus.

When the moment of planning the summer vacations comes, there will be many choices waiting to open a world of possibilities. Yes, the rules and restrictions must be followed at any time, and breaking them by any meaning should be avoided. But it’s also important to know that other countries are doing what they can to prevent the spreading and at the same time, offer safe places for visitors and tourists to find relaxation and amenities while the pandemic goes away for good. No one knows when it will all be over, but the only hope left is to do the best to avoid making this worldwide situation even bigger.

Staying safe and enjoying a good vacation seemed impossible three months ago. However, now it is completely possible. So it's time to evaluate the options and choose the best destination to have fun this summer. Europe's Best Destinations (EBD) is behind the whole process of keeping tourism alive.

By following safety protocols and adjusting measures with a primary focus on medical care, they were able to provide many possibilities for those who want to spend some time of charity away from home without having to worry about getting sick or suffering too much from the pandemic. It is important to trust medical and technological advancement while facing this dire situation, knowing that as long as the rules are followed, everyone will be able to enjoy the vacation they deserve.