Spring Wedding Season

Te of the most anticipated seasons for the most faithful lovers of nature is approaching; and, yes, we are talking about the spring. The meadows full of colors, the sweet aroma of the dew that bathes the flowers every morning and the purity of a radiant sun are just a little part of all the wonders that these beautiful days bring with them.

But that is not all. This incredible, splendid and gorgeous season has not only captivated those who enjoy a walk in a natural park or love to see each landscape filled with flowering plants, trees, and fruits... It has also earned a place in the heart of those that are fans of events and celebrations. In this way, at the end of March, we welcome the spring wedding season!

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For no one is a secret that spring comes and weddings multiply. The reasons? The days are longer, the temperatures very pleasant, and everything is full of flowers. Is that why spring weddings are the most romantic weddings? Of course! Spring is the season of love par excellence. Its color and the good weather that accompanies it give rise to dream weddings.

These days, outdoor celebrations triumph, especially those held in the morning, and floral decorations take on a special role.

In this sense, if you have already fallen in love with everything that the beautiful spring has to offer and you have decided to have your dream wedding, this post is for you. We bring you the most romantic ideas to decorate your wedding in spring, check them out and get inspired by these incredible options!

  1. White ceremony

Yes, we have already said that spring is a period full of color so it is very likely that you are wondering... Why white, then? The truth is that, in addition to being a very elegant and versatile color, it allows you to let your imagination fly and you can take advantage of the colors already present in nature without problems. Just imagine a white wedding dress on a grassy green background or bouquets of white roses accompanied by other types of colorful natural flowers. It would be completely beautiful! And that is precisely what is sought when using neutral dyes; not to interfere in the appreciation of the wonderful colors that nature gives us.

  1. Natural arches and doors

These elements are part of one of the most prominent trends when it comes to romantic and spring weddings. Usually, an arch and a door are placed on the way to the ceremony, as a way of opening. And, even if it seems weird just thinking about it, you will have to see it with your own eyes to realize how beautiful it can be. It is essential to decorate them in order to make them look integrated into nature so as not to lose the essence of the theme. How to do it? It is very simple! Place flowers and leaves of the season on them!

  1. Single color flower curtains

How splendid it is to see a curtain of flowers descend in some space of your wedding! These decorative elements give a floral and spring touch that is just outstanding! Choose a color range that you like and that fits well with the style of the celebration and bet on it. Flower curtains are very simple to make and the result is really beautiful. You can place them to cover a wall or just leave them hanging near the trees or as a background for the altar. You will see all your guests wanting to take pictures there!

  1. Spring swings

And speaking of photos, a spring swing is the perfect bridal photocall! They are just lovely and the girlfriend photos would be spectacular on them. Where to place them? You can, if in the location you chose for your wedding there is a beautiful tree, do not hesitate to place it there! As we said before, they can only be part of the decoration or you can use it to take some of the photos. We assure you that there will be no more beautiful way to remember that beautiful day!

  1. Special spots

Decorate each corner of your wedding to create a special atmosphere. For example, if you want to dress your wedding with a romantic and vintage touch, you can place an old bicycle surrounded by flowers. You can also create a cage of desires so that your guests leave their most emotional messages that will stay into your heart forever. Other charming elements are little lanterns, especially if they are hanging. All this gives a unique touch to your wedding and the best part of it is that they can even be recycled!

Some other ideas:

  • Place the flowers everywhere! And, yes, that means that even the cake can have flowers (edible, of course).
  • Don't forget the way to the altar. You can create an intimate and romantic atmosphere on your way to the altar by placing flower petals and candles. The result is beautiful!
  • The utensils can also follow this theme. And with this, we mean that you can place floral cloth or paper napkins or you can also use custom plates or  disposable plates with spring designs. You have a lot to choose from!
  • Let your imagination fly. We have seen weddings in which people place vases with flowers, you just have to look for original containers for your bouquets and distribute them to all corners of the location. You will not regret doing it!
  • Use white and pastel shades for table linen and furniture, so you will have more opportunities to make the most out of the colors of nature. Pink and lilac are the most recommended ones!

So... What are you waiting for? If you want to make your most romantic dream come true, be part of this spring wedding season with all the tips and ideas we have brought for you. Fill your moments with flowers, joy, and color in the most beautiful way possible!