Smart Toilets

Old school toilets can still be very useful, but the reality is that things are changing rather fast. New technologies are appearing and we are implementing them at a very rapid pace. It’s important to know the latest and greatest in Toilet technology as that will end up bringing in some distinctive results and the features themselves will be nothing short of extraordinary. Smart toilets in particular are outstanding, and they actually implement a ton of creative and fun ideas for you to explore all the time.

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Automatic flushing

This is crucial because it’s very easy for a person to forget flushing. And no one wants to deal with that, especially in the case of public toilets. That’s why automatic flushing makes a lot of sense, because Toilet technology has evolved to the point where the unit has a sensor that will activate the flushing mechanism. When the person moves away from the toilet, the unit will start flushing.

Overflow protection

This is an important aspect because it prevents flushing if the toilet is clogged. Whether we like it or not, this does happen quite a bit, so having a way to deal with all of that is incredibly important and you really want to make it work in a meaningful and creative manner, no matter what might happen. That might not seem like a huge improvement, but the payoff alone is extraordinary and that’s what you want to focus on the most in a situation like this, that’s for sure.

Massaging bidet wash

While it’s not mandatory to have this type of feature, it’s definitely something that’s good to be there just because it’s unique and rather different. You will enjoy it and appreciate the way everything comes together, you just want to check it out and give it a try for yourself. The adaptability provided in this situation is what will make things work, so all you need is to use that to your own advantage and the outcome can actually impress you all the time.


Do we really need to have a nightlight for the toilet? There are times when you don’t want to open the  lights in the bathroom, so having the toilet do that for you does make a lot of sense. It might not seem that useful as a feature, but it certainly helps.

Slow closing lid

We like this idea because you don’t have to worry about closing the lead at all. It certainly helps a lot if you just want to go away from the toilet and continue with your daily tasks. Most units that have this feature also have automatic flushing, so it’s the best of both worlds and you will find it to work a whole lot better than you might imagine, just use that to your own advantage for the best results.

Self deodorizer

One of the main reasons why you want this feature is because it makes it easier to just eliminate all those bad odors naturally. It makes a lot of sense to use such an unit, and the payoff itself will be along some of the best. Just try to keep that in mind and you will be quite amazed with the results here. A deodorizer is needed in the bathroom, but thankfully this type of unit will help you deal with that adequately and that’s the thing that you want to consider the most.

Emergency flushing

There are situations when your toilet will end up without power due to some power outages. It happens, but in that case the best thing that you can do is to just use an emergency flushing system. It’s definitely worth the effort and you will find it incredibly useful especially in a situation like that.

MP3 and Bluetooth capabilities

Singing toilets are actually a thing of the current day. While they are not as common as one might imagine, there are units that will give you MP3 and Bluetooth support. It’s definitely an incredible feature and one that will push the boundaries to bring in front some rewarding results no matter the situation. Just use that to your own advantage and you will be amazed with how everything works and the quality that comes from all of it.

Remote control

Some of the new Toilet technology ideas rely on remote control. If you want, you can flush the unit remotely or it can raise the lid for you before you choose to visit the toilet. That’s actually a very good idea and one that will give you the results and value that you want. Use it to your own advantage and you will appreciate the results and how everything works. It’s definitely something you will enjoy and if you do it right nothing is impossible.

Sensors that detect any leaks

No toilet will end up lasting forever, which is why at some point there will be units that leak. That’s not good for your home or for your pocket, since constant water consumption can rack up some large bills. You need to pay a lot of attention, and you will appreciate the results and the process itself. Just try to give it a try for yourself and the outcome can be second to none.

Heated seating

Whether this is necessary or not, that’s up to you. But it’s definitely a nice thing to have, especially if you want to use the toilet often. Just make sure that you commit to it and that you give it a try for the best results. It will actually work a lot better than you might imagine, so consider giving it a try and the payoff alone can be nothing short of staggering.


Overall, the Toilet technology has evolved quite a bit. New technologies are invented all the time. One thing is certain, toilets are not the simple units that they once were, so you really have to figure out what features you need when you pick a certain model. It will be well worth the investment!

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