Keep your restroom germfree! Public places such as offices buildings, parks, campuses, restaurants are visited by people on a daily basis. Traffic tends to be high in these places and if you are an owner of any establishment, you need to take up this responsibility of ensuring secure sanitary conditions for those using your restrooms. One way you can do this is by installing a Commercial Soap dispenser!

A commercial soap dispenser is exclusively designed for commercial use, in other words, for businesses, parks, hotels and campuses. People are more health conscious today and by installing this dispenser, you would be earning name too, for the concern you have for the health of your guests and clients.

However these can be used for residential purposes too.

What To Look For In A Soap Dispenser

Consider these factors if you are looking to purchase a soap dispenser:

  1. Quality

This is the first and foremost thing you need to consider. A soap dispenser, usually will be made of translucent smoke plastic. Quality ensures durability, you are certainly looking for a long lasting soap dispenser, don't you? Quality is not something you can compromise on, so check before you buy. You must be able to get full value for your money!

  1. Compactness

Space is a constraint in many places. Look for a compact soap dispenser. It is still better if you can look for a wall mount soap dispenser. A wall mount soap dispenser saves space, provides for easy soap dispensing and looks pleasing too.

  1. Hygienic and Portable

This is another significant factor. Especially if you want to buy a soap dispenser for your business place, it is better if it is portable. This ensures flexibility but be careful not to go down on the hygiene factor. For your campus or restaurant, look for a commercial wall mount soap dispenser.

  1. Capacity

If you are buying a soap/ lotion dispenser for your home, it is fine to go with a low capacity one. However if it is for commercial purposes, you need to look for a high capacity commercial soap dispenser. 1000ml would be the ideal capacity for a commercial soap dispenser. High capacity means you need not bother about refilling frequently. This makes the job easier for you, while still being able to take utmost care of your guests' health.

Oasis Creations are reputed for soap dispenser wall mounted.


Soap Dispenser -Commercial Or Residential -Black Smoke- Features

This is a top quality soap/ lotion dispenser that is available at a surprisingly affordable price. The most noteworthy feature is it is easy to maintain and install- the most sought after feature especially for a commercial soap dispenser. It is trendy and made from high quality translucent smoke plastic. Wall Mount Soap dispenser from Oasis Creations is durable and cost- effective, buy one today!

  1. Top Quality

This soap dispenser is made from top grade smoke plastic and is sure to last long. For any product, quality is definitely a factor to look for. However for a commercial soap dispenser this is still more significant as the usage is more, considering the high traffic public places are prone to. Time and again people will be operating the dispenser, so durability should be on top of your mind! You would be pleased to know that Residential/ commercial soap dispenser from Oasis Creations come with extreme durability that is low on maintenance too.

  1. Mountable Design

This wall mount soap dispenser can be easily mounted on walls. This provides for great space saving while making your restroom look stunning! It is compact and portable too. The smart dispenser also offers easy dispensing of liquid soap.

  1. High Capacity; Easy Refill

You can check the soap levels and easily refill this commercial soap dispenser. This comes with an incredible capacity of 1000ml, so stop worrying about refilling time and again! Make your job simple, at the same time, take good  care of your guests/ clients. This is one of the top reasons why big businesses prefer this wall mount soap dispenser! Besides high capacity, the dispenser offers an endearing look too!

  1. Price

Now coming to the price, kindly note that this residential/ commercial soap dispenser is competitively priced. Even small businesses can afford this attractive wall mount soap dispenser! You need to make smart decisions while buying and a smart purchase is possible if you choose wall mount soap dispenser from Oasis Creations! You get full value for your money at inexpensive rates while the dispenser is certain to last long.

Oasis Creations also offer 30 days money back guarantee, so it would be a risk- free purchase! You are assured of full refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

Wall mount commercial soap dispenser is a must have restroom accessory for areas with high traffic. Get this easy to use dispenser today!!