Why is the plastic champagne flute so popular?

Why is the plastic champagne flute so popular?

Flutes have been around for ages and it is a testament to their popularity that they have not gone out of fashion yet. As you’d find with most things, particularly party supply items, there is a period of time where they are tremendously popular and with seemingly no other substitute to replace them. However, over time, there finally arrives a product that matches them for their usability and the novelty factor associated with the new product makes the old one redundant. That though has not been the case with champagne flutes.


But why exactly did this happen? What makes the traditional flutes glass so sustainably popular? The answer lies in the emergence of the plastic champagne flute. Plastic champagne flutes glasshave gotten over certain shortcomings of the traditional glasses and have replaced glass-made flutes as the new go-to option for drinking champagne. Check out some of the advantages of a plastic champagne flute and you’d comprehend this change of guard better.


No better option for outdoor parties


Outdoor weddings and parties have gained an edge over conventional venues such as halls and banquets. And unconventional venues require unconventional party supplies. You know how easy it is to break glassware. A mere bump into a person would do it. Plastic champagne flutes come in handy in such situations because they are (obviously) unbreakable and fit for sturdy use.


Convenient to clean


You have to be careful washing glassware because they might break. With plastic champagne flutes glass, you could toss them all up at the end of the party under a running tap and your job is as good as done.


Kids can use them too


No, not for drinking champagne obviously! But a little glass of fruity soda won’t do them much harm would it? And would you rather have them running around with a crystal glass or a plastic one? Now that answers itself doesn’t it?


With all these factors working for it, it is no surprise that plastic champagne flutes glass is here to stay! 

How to select wedding champagne glasses that work best for you?


What type of champagne glass is the best? Shall I go for the coupe or the flute? This is an age old question the answer to which has not been clearly defined as yet. Add to that the plastic variant of champagne flutes and you are spoilt for choices. So how exactly do you decide what works best for you? The answer to this question depends on the type of drink you want to serve or have.


Wedding champagne flutesvs. the Coupe


Flutes are the most popular glass types for drinking champagne and other sparkling wines. The shape and design of these wedding champagne glasses is such that they are easily associated with elegance, grace, class and sophistication. The long stem enables you to hold the glass without altering the temperature of the drink. The narrowness of the bowl retains carbonation and the bubbles congregate and rise to the top. The flavors and aroma of the drink are captured effortlessly and this glass is what gives the ‘bubbly’ quality to the Bubbly.

The coupe is easily the oldest champagne glass type to be in existence. However the emergence of flutes has made it obsolete as it does not quite bring out the ‘fizz’ which is what makes champagne what it is.


Disposable champagne flute

Another factor that should determine your choice of wedding champagne glasses is convenience. Glassware, though elegant, is difficult to handle on account of breakability and cleaning issues associated with them. You’d be better off going for a plastic champagne glass if your guest list is long as it is easier to clean a plastic champagne glass or plastic wine glasses too for that matter. Alternatively, you could opt for a disposable champagne flute that would be the ultimate solution to both the aforementioned issues.


Ultimately, this is a subjective choice. Whether you want to go for the elegance of flutes or the old world charm of the coupe, the final call is yours!