Planting and Other Activities using Dessert Cups

We all love desserts! There is nothing better than having some pudding or cake on a game afternoon or movie night. But in addition to being sweet and making us happy, desserts can help us in many other ways. One of them is through their dessert cups.

Those handy plastic cups can fulfill many functions if we know how to use them. You can plant, craft, and even decorate with them. Do you want to know how? Here we explain it to you! Find some great ideas as you read this article.

Planting using dessert cups.

One of the activities you can do with dessert cups is planting, and it's easier than you think! Plastic cups can help you start an indoor vegetable or flower garden, and they can even work perfectly to create a crop and then transplant it to the yard.

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First, you just need to collect the dessert cups you need, get an area to plant, and have the seeds. Then fill half of each cup with potting soil, water well, and plant your seeds. Once the seedlings appear and begin to harden, you can move them to the patio or terrace for some time every day.

It is crucial that you gradually increase the amount of time it spends outdoors. When the plants are ready to stay outside, leave them overnight and place another dessert cup over the seedlings to turn each one into a mini greenhouse.

Finally, you just have to transplant them to a larger pot or the garden once they grow enough. Dessert cups are great for starting any crop, and they can help you save money and take care of the environment. It's amazing!

Hang up some festive lights.

Dessert cups are also an excellent tool for DIYers and partygoers. If you want to have original and beautiful lights to decorate, you only need to collect some and let your imagination run wild. Here we give you an idea to create yours.

First, you need to find a string of lights and as many dessert cups as you can. You can paint the cups and decorate them to your liking. Then, punch a hole in the bottom of each cup and, one by one, push the base of each bulb into the hole so that it is inside the cup -you should let the bottom of the bulb stick out.

Screw each bulb back into the string of lights -the way you insert and screw them keeps the cups in place- and then hang them to create a fun and festive atmosphere. As mentioned, you can customize them the way you want! You can also play with the patterns and alternate cups and bulbs. You will have a unique string of lights.

Home phone amplifier.

If you have a party and want to play music to dance but don't have a speaker, dessert cups can help you out! You can use a plastic cup to amplify the sound of your smartphone straightforwardly.

You only need a plastic cup, a razor blade, and hairpins! Then follow these steps: fold the hairpins forming an "u", cut a rectangle in the dessert cup using the razor blade near the bottom, and make the incisions for the hairpins so that you can create a support for your mobile.

Then put your phone, making sure to place the speaker in the hole you made in the dessert cup, and turn the music up! Remember that you have to make the cuts according to the dimensions and design of your phone.

No-mess ice cream holder.

We all love to eat ice cream, but it is a bit difficult to do so because it usually melts and causes a mess on our hands or clothes. You want to avoid it, right? Well, here we have the solution! You can create some practical and useful holders to eat ice cream on the hottest day of summer.

Dessert cups can become a drip tray for ice cream to help you avoid the sticky mess. Just choose one, make a cut in the center to insert the paddle through, and push the stick through the hole. The melted ice cream will accumulate in the cup, preventing stray drops from dirtying your hands or spilling onto your clothes.

Bat dessert cups to decorate on Halloween.

Dessert cups can also be handy for making Halloween decorations. If you like to recycle and love crazy festivities like Halloween, then this idea can be perfect for you. Welcome October with some dessert cup bats!

You just have to collect some dessert cups, and you can even use them still full of desserts to make it more fun. In addition to this, you have to cut some bat wings out of some material such as cardboard and glue them to the cups. Then, you can finish your artwork by placing googly eyes to simulate the bat's face.

It will be enjoyable! If you have children, you can ask for their help and spend an afternoon doing crafts. It is also an excellent choice for decorating holiday dessert cups. You can adapt the design to the theme of the event to share beautiful and delicious desserts.

Other ideas for using dessert cups.

Here we share with you other alternatives to use dessert cups in fun and practical activities.

  • Plastic jellyfish to decorate: you can paint the dessert cups pink or light blue and place strips of paper on the bottom and eyes to simulate the shape of jellyfish.
  • Use dessert cups in a revolutionary way to present desserts. You can use them to decorate cupcakes and prevent them from being crushed.
  • Organize everything! Dessert cups can also be beneficial for organizing your belongings, especially smaller ones. Take a bunch of them, paint them, or customize them (if you want) and save everything that is usually spread around!

Dessert cups can be as useful as your creativity allows, so don't throw them away the next time you have a pudding or yogurt. And the best part is, these are just a few ideas of everything you can do when you recycle these little candy containers. Find your materials, your tools and get to work! You can also make lots of Christmas decorations or even gifts for your loved ones for the holidays. Take advantage of your dessert cups from now on and make sure to click this linkto check out top quality dessert cups.