Paper Towel Dispensers for your Home or Office

A paper towel dispenser became a must-have item in bathrooms and vanities in offices, shopping malls, and even homes. The reason behind it is that these tools are extremely practical and can be very hygienic. Besides, they allow a safer dispensing since it covers the towels and also allows people to only touch the ones that they are going to use, they optimize consumption and offer a more elegant appearance to the spaces.

However, there is much more behind it. In this post, we will learn about the types of paper towel dispensers for your home or office. Moreover, we will show the advantages of each, the different mounting styles, and how they can benefit all who use them. Continue reading to discover the valuable information we bring to you!

Types of paper towel dispensers.

The factors that determine the different types of paper towels are very diverse. Aspects such as the place where you want to install it and the type of paper towel you intend to use can define the category in which each one is located. For that reason, it is very important to know as much details as possible before choosing and making a decision. In this sense, we can mention the following:

  1. Standard paper towel roll dispensers:

Standard paper towel rolls are the most common in public places or high traffic sites. They are usually available in white and brown with different sizes designed to meet the specific needs of each space or environment. Within this group, you will find the types like the ones described below.

  • Roll towel dispensers with lever or crank:

This style of dispensers includes a lever, as its name implies. It is a very convenient way to dispense paper towels since each person can choose the length they need. In general, they are very functional. However, they are usually less hygienic because each user has contact with the crank.

In this sense, these are the benefits:

  • Allows each person to obtain a paper towel with their desired length.
  • Its design is varied, it can be available in a wide variety of colors that you can combine with the space where you will place it.
  • It is the perfect dispenser for places where there is light traffic.


  • Hands-free roll towel dispensers:

This type of dispenser also allows users to obtain the desired paper towel length, but they do not have to touch the external part of the tool. In this way, they can tear or cut each paper towel without coming into direct contact with the surface of the appliance. In these cases, certain dispenser models include motion sensors as special features to further increase the level of sanitation. Also, these sensors eliminate the need to use a lever or crank, thus ensuring that each towel is only touched by who will use it so as not to transfer germs from the dispenser to the user or vice versa.

In summary, its benefits are:

  • It is the most hygienic alternative.
  • It can dispense a specified length of paper towel to avoid waste.
  • You can also find it in a wide variety of colors to adapt it to your decoration.


  1. Dispensers for central pull paper towel rolls:

In addition to the dispensers already mentioned, there are also those used to dispense central pull paper towels. These are one of the most profitable and sanitary options that exist since they work under a deployable distribution method to guarantee that each towel keeps clean until each user obtains it or is about to use it.

For this, the central cylinder must be removed, and, in this way, the appliance will dispense each towel from the inside out to ensure the hygiene of the paper towel roll. Within this category, you can find the following types of dispensers:

  • Towed Towel Dispensers:

In these devices, users can remove a paper towel from the center of the unit. As we have mentioned, this type of dispenser works through the folding distribution where the central roll is eliminated so that people can pull the towels from the inside. Another of the most outstanding characteristics of these types of dispensers is that you can adapt them to each environment. If a large capacity barrel is placed, for example, it can be ideal for places where there is a lot of traffic.

These are its benefits:

  • It is very hygienic since each user touches only one towel.
  • The sheets you dispense are loose, thus minimizing waste.
    • You can use it in kitchens, bathrooms, or other high traffic spaces.


  1. Folded paper towel dispensers:

This type of paper towel is very versatile since, when folded, they can be placed in both surface and countertop dispensers. In this sense, folded paper towels can be C-Fold or M-Fold. The first distribution method facilitates the separation of each towel while the second allows a greater quantity of towels added inside the dispenser. In this group, there is the following type of dispenser:

  • C or M folded paper towel dispenser:

These units can conveniently dispense paper towels if you want to minimize waste. Each user can pull a loose paper towel down, leaving another available for the next person to use it. These dispensers can usually fit both C-Fold and M-Fold paper towels for easy distribution and make it a versatile alternative to any space.

Among its benefits, we can find the following:

  • Paper towels are loose and easy to separate.
  • By remaining closed inside the dispenser, they are kept clean and hygienic.
  • You can find it in a wide variety of colors.

Now that you know the types of paper towel dispensers for your home or office, are you ready to choose yours? Wait no more and take advantage of these useful and practical devices! Remember that they cannot only help you get more organization or a better appearance, but they are also very efficient when it comes to maintaining hygiene and sanitary safety.

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