Paper towel dispenser vs. hand dryer – what works best?


Paper towel dispenservs. hand dryer – what works best?

If ever a debate divided public opinions to wide extremes, apart from the perennial blondes vs. brunettes of course, then it has to be this age old contest comparing the efficiency and hygiene standards of a towel dispenser and a hand dryer. So it’s time we weigh in on this debate and try to reach a definitive conclusion.


The importance of maintaining high levels of personal hygiene doesn’t really warrant any explanation. And it is for this reason that you must ensure your hands are completely dry after you wash them because wet skin has the potential to spread bacteria and cause an illness. It is thus vital that you choose the right equipment to get your hands bone dry.


The use of a hand dryer for this purpose comes with its share of benefits. There is no disposable waste involved in the process and all you need is electricity. But on the flip side, hand dryers often blow away bacteria from the washer’s hands to about 6 to 7 feet away. This enhances the possibility of cross contamination which is a major health hazard.


With paper towels, the only situation where this risk may arise is if the paper roll is not placed on a towel dispenser. This would necessitate every one using the towel to hold the roll manually before use which is an obvious cross contamination catalyst. But with the use of a towel dispenser, this risk is totally negated.


Paper towel dispenser towels are also known to be more efficient on account of bacteria removal. And for those of you who have doubts about their installation in a cramped space, you could simply put them up on a wall if you go for a paper towel dispenser wall mount.


A dispenser paper towel thus appears to be your best hand drying option. At least on account of hygiene, convenience and efficiency, the towel dispenser seems to be winning the battle!

A brief overview of all types of paper towels and paper towel dispensers


Paper towel dispensers are absolute must haves at all Office building . So before you go about picking a paper towel dispenser have a look at this brief overview of the most commonly used types. All these dispensers are differentiated on account of 3 major factors – types of paper towel, installation and need for manual operation


Countertop paper towel dispenser:

This type of dispenser is suitable if you do not have to scramble for space to fit it in. if you have adequate counter space then there really isn’t a better option than the countertop.


Surface mounted paper towels dispenser:

This particular type of dispenser is easily the most widely used dispenser in restrooms and at places with high traffic. The obvious benefit is that you can save space by mounting them on a wall. Alternatively you could even go for recessed dispensers that are installed into the wall to save more space.


Multifold paper towel dispenser:

The multifold paper towel dispenser has more to do with the type of paper towel than the installation technique. The paper towel is folded twice but in opposite directions to form a ‘Z’ shape such that when a user pulls down one paper towel, it tags along the next paper towel halfway down which facilitates easy access for the next user.


Touchless paper towel dispensers:


Touchless dispensers are recognized as the most hygienic of all dispensers. The user could access a towel without touching the dispenser (thanks to the motion sensors). This nullifies any possibility of cross contamination.


Universal paper towel dispensers:

Universal dispensers are the most hassle free type of paper towels dispenser. You could mount them on a wall or perch them on a counter. Roll, C-fold, multifold, it takes in and dispenses any type of paper towel.


While there is a host of dispenser types, these 5 remain the most popular types of paper towel dispensers.