Why Use Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

Using a public restroom is a cause of worry to many of you considering the amount of germs that you may come in contact with. The toilet seats contain harmful microbes that may spread dreadful diseases. However you would be surprised to know that paper towel dispensers pose much more threat than the toilet seats. This is the reason why the uses of touch less paper towel dispensers are on the rise. Using touchless paper towel dispenser means you are taking away the risk factor associated with a conventional dispenser. They are healthier and offer safe sanitary conditions.

Features Of Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

  1. Quality And Value

The dispenser is usually made of top quality translucent smoke plastic. The value offered is the secure sanitary conditions. You need not touch it to get a tissue, so you are safe from any possible contamination. You can also maintain cleanliness of your restroom by keeping it sparkling and sanitized. Be it home or office, this paper towel dispenser is sure to bring in good health. However make sure the paper towel holder is easily accessible to one and all. The multifold paper towel dispenser from Oasis Creations is durable and stylish, get one today!

  1. Compactness

If space is a constraint, do not worry. Touchless paper towel dispenser can be wall mounted, thus it is a great space saver while being economical too. Paper towel dispenser wall mount is so designed to allow for easy mounting, at the same time offering drying and excellent hygiene. So if you have a restricted space, get a paper towel dispenser wall mount and enjoy hygienic conditions. It is  portable and smart too.

  1. Hygienic Key Lock

This paper towel holder comes with a hygienic key lock. This feature is beneficial especially for office buildings, campuses and restaurants to reduce waste. This multifold paper towel dispenseris used in high traffic areas, the dispenser keys provide safety and convenience.

  1. High Capacity

This high capacity dispenser can hold 500 multifold paper towels, so you need not think about refilling it time and again. This is one of the reasons this paper towel dispenser wall mount is most sought after for big business places like hotels besides parks and campuses.

Touchless paper towel dispenser from Oasis Creations come with 45 days money back guarantee, make use of this risk- free opportunity now! 

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Benefits Of A Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

Imagine you are in a public restroom and you've just washed your hands. You need to pull out a paper towel now, but can you confidently do so? Don't you get scared that the dispenser might contain germs, considering the number of people who use the restroom on a daily basis? It was for this reason that touch less paper towel dispenser was developed.

Sensor technology

The sensor technology in this paper towel holder allows you to get a paper towel by just moving your hand under the machine, so there's no need to touch anything! Isn't this a wonderful invention?

Reduce waste!

Another interesting part is, waste is reduced with the automatic dispenser. Quantity can be set and the towels will be distributed accordingly. So if you are owner of any establishment and are looking for a dispenser, this paper towel dispenser wall mount could be a great choice. This saves you money and space, while providing outstanding sanitary conditions to your guests.

Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser - The Trend

Gone are the days when you had to pull a lever to grab a paper towel. The conventional system posed a lot of health risks, with high chances of coming in contact with harmful bacteria. This forced the manufacturers to think of some solution that could serve the purpose, but without a compromise on hygiene. Touchless Paper Towel dispenser thus surfaced, coming as a boon to establishments that faced huge traffic. This machine is now being used everywhere and the use is only growing by the day, considering the cleanliness it offers.

Catch up with the fashion!

The sleek, compact and stylish touch less paper towel dispenser is also fashionable for sure! People love compact and easy to use machines and if you are looking for a hygienic, cost effective, elegant  paper towel holder this is for you! Why go for a conventional one when a contemporary dispenser is available at competitive prices on Oasis Creations?

Now you know how a touch less paper towel dispenser can make a difference to your health/ guests health, why wait any longer? Oasis Creations has the best touch less paper towel dispensers that are affordable and durable as well. Buy today and make a small contribution to the society by caring for the health and hygiene of the people.

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