Moving Houses Made Simple

Moving to a new house can be a very satisfying but overwhelming experience.

However, there are many things you can do to make the process easier for both you and your family, in addition to saving a lot.

For that reason, to help you simplify one of the most stressful times we can face, we've put together a shortlist of tips to make moving easier.

Review the tips below carefully. We are sure that even if you are not moving, they will be very useful for you in the future.

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Hire moving professionals.

This is the perfect option to simplify the whole process. Although it seems obvious, many people are unaware that moving experts and moving service companies can do all the work.

Hiring moving professionals can be very helpful when you have many belongings and need help moving them, for example.

You can also get customized offers completely adapted to your needs and budgets to live a much more enjoyable experience.

If you choose this alternative, you will feel less stress before, during, and after the move!

Label the boxes on more than one side.

This recommendation may seem somewhat nonsense until you start moving and have a bunch of boxes piled up in front of your eyes.

We recommend people label their boxes on more than one side. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to identify them when stacked or packed in a moving truck.

Labeling boxes on more than one side will help you find a specific box without having to spend hours searching for or moving the rest of the boxes in a pile.

This tip will change the way people move!

Make an inventory list.

Lists can save our lives!

There is a lot to remember on the way to move, after all. So making a list can help make the process a lot easier - and to avoid forgetting the most important things, of course.

First, you can make a list of everything you need to do and the steps you need to take.

You can also number the boxes and create an inventory list. In this way, you will keep control of what is inside the boxes.

The lists will help you know if you are missing something, as they will also allow you to mark each item packed or brought to your new home.

Make a checklist in your old house and then another when unpacking. You will save many hours of work!

Code your boxes.

Do you want to optimize your moving process? Then code your boxes!

Anyway, you can use different colored masking tape and use them to identify each box before loading it on the truck.

You can cross-reference the color-coding system with the inventory lists, and you will see that the move will be much easier!

If you hire a company or some friends help you with the move, explain to them where each color should go to avoid confusion.

Sort your belongings in advance.

Another of the most important tips that we want to give you is to clean your home of any old, damaged, or disused object before your move.

This can save you a lot of time. But it can also save you money!

The reason behind this is that by donating or throwing away things that you no longer need, you will be reducing the number of items you need to move.

This means that the fewer things you have, the fewer hours of work and effort the moving team will need.

You should bear this in mind: the easiest way to save money on your move is to avoid paying to transport belongings or items that you will throw away when you get to your new home.

Pack things like they are edible.

You must think strategically when packing the moving boxes.

We recommend that you pack the heaviest items at the bottom and move towards the lighter items.

Think about how you pack food in a bag when you go shopping while you are packing your belongings. It will be very useful!

You don't want your fragile figurines to be marred or crushed by heavy books, right?

Think about what you cannot displace.

If you decide to hire a professional or moving company, you should be aware that there are some things that they cannot transport.

This includes hazardous materials, plants with dirt, chemicals, or paint cans, for example.

If you can't leave some of those things behind, try transporting some in your car.

For example, you can put the plants in pots, scoop up most of the soil, and take them to your new home on your own.

It is also essential to consider the safety of both the moving team and yours, especially with the things you are moving.

If you are packing cleaning or gardening equipment, be sure to clean and pack it safely. Also, remember to wrap knives or other sharps carefully.

Pack a box with the items you will need the first night.

Many people fix the bathroom and kitchen in their new home shortly before moving in. However, not everyone has that option.

For that reason, we recommend packing a separate box with everything you will need the first night.

We all know that unpacking all the boxes on the first day is impossible. Therefore, it is helpful to separate those must-have items.

This first night box should contain sheets, towels, and cutlery. You can also save on some board games to have something fun to do if the internet or TV haven't been installed yet.

Final thoughts.

As mentioned, moving can be a very overwhelming experience. However, following these tips can help make your moving process easier, faster, and more pleasant.

Remember that planning is the key! If you organize everything, make lists, and create a plan to move in, everything will turn out great!

We hope this information has been useful to you and you can enjoy your new home without problems!