March: Women’s History Month

In a society that has evolved, the role of women is increasingly appreciated. Around the world, international women's day is celebrated every March 8th but, in the United States, it has been given much more importance and people made this celebration a full month.

Thus, the Women's History Month was created; a period in which the achievements and contributions of women in historical events and the contemporary society of the country are celebrated.

We bring you this post to give you the opportunity to understand a bit more about the facts related to this information and also about the way people currently celebrate it. Stay tuned and discover those things you probably do not know about Women’s festivities.

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Going to the past.

History tells us that just a short time ago, as it was in the 1970s, women's history was practically an unknown topic in school curricula or general public awareness. At that time, women were not part of the important roles of society, did not receive a good salary and their work was destined to somewhat discriminatory tasks. So, in order to address the situation and to make the importance of women's labor, the Working Group on Education on the Status of Women of the Sonoma County Commission in California began, in 1978, the celebration of the "Women's History Week", which covered the days around March 8th.

The activities carried out during that week were received with enthusiasm and dozens of schools planned special programs to celebrate it. This is how more than 100 women from the community participated in giving presentations in schools throughout the country, created a rehearsal contest called "Real Woman" and started making parades.

Those events inspired thousands of people allowing Molly Murph MacGregor, a member of the organizing group of this event, to be invited to integrate the Women's History Institute at Sarah Lawrence College in 1979. It was chaired by the renowned historian Gerda Lener and attended by national leaders of women's and youth organizations. When the members learned about the success of the “Women's History Week” celebration, they decided to start similar celebrations in their own organizations, communities and school districts. Finally, they agreed to support the initiative to decree a “National Week of Women's History” and, with hard work, they took it to the next level.

In February 1980, this great movement took its first step towards success. That was when President Carter issued the first presidential proclamation that established the week of March 8, 1980, as the "National Week of Women's History." That same year, Barbara Mikulski, who at that time was a member of the House of Representatives, and Senator Orrin Hatch jointly promoted a resolution in favor of it. This bipartisan action demonstrated the broad political support that exists to commemorate, honor and celebrate the achievements of American women. Then, in 1981, Congress passed the resolution that established National Women's History Week.

The expansion of the celebration and the great acceptance that it had was such that, by 1986, 14 states had already declared March as the month of women and this, seen as a great impulse, led the congress to declare, in 1987, the month March as the National Women's History Month permanently. Since then, a special presidential proclamation is issued every year to honor the extraordinary achievements of American women.

A leap to the present.

Currently, there are a lot of ways to celebrate this incredible month. We are so ready to do it and we want to share some of our knowledge with you. As we said before, in Latin American countries, people celebrate, for example, International Women's Day. For this, governments declare the day as non-working, in addition to make parades and special events. But, in the United States, this extends much more.

If you are a woman and you want to find the best way to celebrate this day or if you are a man and you want to give a gift to an important woman for you, you can be inspired by the following ideas:

  • Gifts, gifts and more gifts!

Prepare a small gift for the most important women in your life. Or, if you are the woman, buy something for yourself. It can be a simple gift but it has a special meaning for you and for them. To each gift you can add a card with a thought of some important woman who has contributed to this struggle for equality.

  • Picnic Day:

Organize a picnic day for yourself or for those special women in your life. You can go to a park, do it in the countryside or even in the garden of your house. You just have to prepare delicious food and enjoy a splendid day. Something original you can do is look for custom disposable plates to make everything more special! Oasis Creations has a wide variety of all sorts of serverwarethat is sure to give any even that special touch. Check them out today!

  • What about the SPA?

The best way to celebrate women's month is with pampering. Give yourself or other women a special package at a SPA that includes massages, manicures, pedicures, facial cleansing and more. All women deserve to relax and enjoy an awesome day!

  • Empowerment Groups:

This is part of the current trends. Women continue the fight for their rights and a good way to do so is to help other women to leave their fears and join the cause. If you are a woman, you can meet your friends and invite the friends of your friends in order to create a chain of support and empowerment. So, you can organize events together or just meet in the afternoon to talk and share tips.

  • Special dinner:

It is one of the most common ways to celebrate. You can invite your best friends to a dinner or, if you are a man, organize a special dinner for all the women in the family. It would be beautiful to create a time when all the amazing women we meet share and enjoy! And, do not forget that you can use disposable plates with lovely design to captivate their hearts!

Those were amazing ways to celebrate a time as special as Women’s History Month is! Tell us, what is your favorite one? How are you going to honor the most special women of your life?