Making Amazing Desserts For Your Birthday Party Has Now Become Even Easier

Desserts have always played a pivotal role whenever it comes to birthday parties. Who said that the cake is the only dessert that you can make on your birthday? There are several other treats for birthday parties. Desserts are that part of a meal that people of all ages love. Moreover, if you make the desserts yourself, it would reflect the love that you have for the person. So, if you are planning to surprise your loved one, why not make some yummy desserts that everyone can enjoy?

With several handy pieces of equipment coming to the market, making your own desserts at home has become easier than ever before. All you need to do is collect the ingredients, the baking utensils and follow the recipes in a step-by-step manner and voila! Your dessert is ready. You will get different types of fruit plastic cups and parfait cups that will not only make your dessert look aesthetic but also help you make them in an easier way. The best thing about buying a dessert cup is that they have a pre-portioned design which makes them best for parties so that everyone gets their share. There are several desserts that you can make in these cups and they will satisfy your sweet tooth. From tiramisu puddings to cheesecake desserts, the list is endless.

Here is a recipe of mint chocolate trifles that you can make with the help of a square mini dessert cup. Once you prepare these trifles, you will not be able to think of a better way to have your chocolate pudding. And if you have a mint plant at your home, then you can also top the dessert with some mint leaves plucked freshly from the pot.

What are the ingredients that you need?

To begin with, you will have to take a note of the ingredients which are quite simple and if you do not already have them in your kitchen, you will easily get them in your nearest grocery shop. The following ingredients are for making 4 trifles.

  • Heavy cream – ½ cup
  • Peppermint extract – ½ teaspoon
  • Powdered sugar
  • Chocolate pudding (you can either buy it or make it at your own home) – 1 cup
  • Chocolate cookies – 7 mint (coarsely chopped)
  • Quartered chocolate cookies – 1 mint (will be used for garnishing)
  • Mint leaves to add on top (this is optional but if you want to make it look decorative, you should consider getting them)

How to make the mint chocolate trifles?

  • Step 1 –Firstly, take a medium sized mixing bowl. But you need to adjust the ingredients if you want the dessert to be served to more than four people. And in that case, you would require a bigger mixing bowl as well. Add the heavy cream into the bowl. Now you need to mix it on medium speed settings and you will see that the heavy cream is thickening up and there will be some soft peaks forming.


  • Step 2 –To the mixture, you need to add the other ingredients – peppermint extract and powdered sugar. You can also add some leaf green color but that is completely optional. The food color would add the look but will not alter the flavor. Now you have to mix all these ingredients on the high speed settings. You will see that stiff peaks form in the mixture.


  • Step 3 –Now you need to take your piping bag and add the 1M tip to it. Then you should take the whipped cream and then fill the piping bag with it.


  • Step 4 –Take a sandwich bag and fill it with the chocolate pudding. Then you have to press the bag so that all the air passed out and finally, seal the bag.


  • Step 5 –Now it is time to start filling your dessert cup. Firstly, take the coarsely chopped chocolate cookies. They will form the bottommost layer. Pour in 1 tablespoon of these cookies at the bottom of the dessert cup.


  • Step 6 –Take the sandwich bag filled with the pudding and make a small hole in it. Put a nice and thick layer of the pudding on top of the crumbled cookies.


  • Step 7 –Now you need to top the previous layer with another layer of whipped cream. In this way, you can keep repeating the layers according to your wish.


  • Step 8 –When you have filled the dessert cup with the layers, place a cookie on the top and if you can source the mint leaves, then place a couple of them as well.


  • Step 9 –Refrigerate them for quite some time before you serve.

If chocolate is not your flavor, then you can choose the ingredients according to the flavor you love. The recipe will remain the same, only the ingredients will get swapped.

Why are the Square 4 oz Dessert Cups perfect for this recipe?

If you are thinking as to why this particular product is most suitable for this recipe, then read on to find out –

  • The cups have the ideal dimensions of 1.9" x 1.9" x 2.7". These are perfect for any party and will also avoid spilling.
  • Being square in shape, these cups are quite different from the ones that are usually available in the market and will set the party vibe too.
  • They cups are most suited for mousse recipes and any dessert that involves layers.
  • The plastic that is used in the manufacture of these cups is of food-grade and tested in the laboratory.
  • The perfect mold of the cups feels smooth to the touch and also makes them look aesthetic.
  • The perfect size of the cups does not only limit them to desserts but other recipes and food items as well like smoothies and cocktails.
  • These cups can make your desserts look even tastier and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Last but not least, they are quite affordable.

So, are you planning for a birthday party? Try making some layered desserts at home with these dessert cups.