Living Room set ups and themes: Best ideas for 2021

The living room is one of the most important places in any house. There, people can enjoy late-night chats, movie afternoons, and much more.

For that reason, it is essential to analyze the living room setups and themes well.

The styles of these spaces determine how they will look. Besides, we must bear in mind that it is essential to have beautiful living rooms since those are the areas we usually use to receive our guests.

Do you want yours to be beautiful? We have the solution!

Keep reading this post and find a useful list of trendy ideas for the setups and themes for living rooms for 2021.

Most popular themes for living rooms.

As we mentioned, there are many living room themes that you can select for your home in this New Year. However, the most popular are:


Many people are opting for the contemporary style for their living room today. This theme allows people to give a modern touch to their spaces by using different colored objects.

Living rooms decorated in a contemporary style often have luxurious items such as artwork, royal vases, elegant furniture, and beautiful lamps.

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Asian living rooms often have some aspects of the culture that give the name to said style. Some of the features for this theme are luxury lamps and low-level furniture.

Floral motifs are also very predominant, especially if there are orchids. The Asian style also includes extensive use of colors such as bronze and gold in order to make the room more artistic.

Design experts say that this is one of the most original styles, especially for people who want to add Indian or Chinese art to their home.


This theme for living rooms has gained a lot of popularity in recent years as it allows people to have spaces with much more natural aspects.

Some of the rustic designs for living rooms include animal wallpaper and a jungle look –you can achieve this by putting in some plants.

Also, dark and brown colors to give the room a more exotic experience are often predominant.


With the industrial style or theme, people can make their living room look more natural.

You can make a wooden cabin or put metal railings to give a unique look to your home's spaces.

Interior designers recommend using earthy colors for rooms in this style. Also, they advise people to add some pipeline ideas in the room to make it unique.


The Mediterranean style gives the living room a beachy look. Its most predominant elements are rustic colored wallpapers and tiled floors.

This living room style has become one of the most popular in recent years, allowing people to add a touch of nature to their spaces and have their precious pine wood furniture - yes, many people love it.


We can say that this is an avant-garde theme, although the furniture is usually old-fashioned.

However, its interiors are artistic, which makes it a safe bet for lovers of modern spaces. Also, they are gorgeous!


The eccentric style is characterized by including prints on floors and walls. It's impossible to think of an eccentric theme for living rooms without imagining bright colors like orange, red, and blue.

Moreover, this decorative theme also involves the use of beautiful and variously shaped furniture and accessories.

However, that doesn't mean it looks ordinary. In fact, an eccentric living room can be elegant too.


The country-style has also gained a lot of popularity recently, especially among those who want modern homes.

With country-style themes, spaces are designed in vintage style. The walls are usually simple or lined.

Also, this style encourages the use of light colors like cream or white. Country living rooms often have ordinary shelves too.


Modern styles for interior designs are the most in-demand today.

These involve modernized designs in furniture, display cabinets, and windows. Besides, they often include wallpapers with patterned designs and luxurious artwork.

Modern style living rooms are usually very similar to hotel rooms. People inclined towards this theme can use light colors like cream, brown, or gray in contrast with black or dark blue elements.


The classic theme for living rooms is ideal for those who want to feel like traveling to the 50s or 60s.

This style implies a vintage design with characteristic elements of the time, such as velvet or satin sofas and chandeliers.

Colors are usually vintage, such as silver, gold, and off-white.


Minimalism is one of the most used trends in recent years because it creates relaxing and beautiful environments.

This style involves using basic and flat colors, with organized elements and only small touches of color.

The furniture is usually geometric. Natural light and space are also used the most.

Final thoughts

What do you think about the different styles and themes that we mention in this post? As you can see, there are a lot! However, there are many other aspects to consider.

In addition to the designs, you also have to consider the functionality, comfort, and accessories.

It means that you not only have to think about the appearance but also what you need your living room to become for you.

The themes and styles of the spaces must be according to our tastes and preferences, but they must also adapt to what we need in our day to day.

Do you receive visits? You work all day and want to relax in your living room? Then you must make your spaces adapt to it!


  • If you want a better result, you can talk to experts in interior design or hire their services to advise you or design the perfect living room for you.

  • You can also check out some interior design magazines to get inspiration.

  • Make a budget. In this way, you will know how much money you have available to design a living room according to your needs and your pocket.