Keep Cool from Summer Heat

This coming summer is definitely going to be different from all previous ones. Without a doubt, many things will change. Since everyone’s at home for quarantine and the only reason to go out are important matters, it’s become harder to find activities to spend the time in. The best way to make the best out of this summer would be to find new stuff to do, learn and master abilities that were left behind, and most importantly, spending more time with the close ones, family, and friends.

Board games

It’s better to start easily; playing board games it’s the best way to spend time with loved ones. From a classic Monopoly match to an exciting Jenga game, most board games give different experiences and allow the family and friends to take a break from the current routine. Some people don’t like board games since they force you to stay sitting for a while, but that’s no problem because of the wide variety that exists, games like Pictionary or twister will definitely make the body move. Another option could be the use of video games that require moving such as Just Dance or using a dance pad.


Now, on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok there are dozens of recipesto try out at home, instead of doing those alone, why not try one with pals? Everything tastes better when shared, so it is a great idea to spend a whole day just trying to make a bunch of food that all the family can enjoy. From simple ones like the new trend Dalgona Coffee to more complex ideas like the 24 hours recipes that are now trendy on Buzz feed, there’s no end to the choices and variations that exist online if wishing to try something new. Create one that best suits the occasion, a variation of an ice cream sandwich, or even a standard burger with a twist, endless possibilities come to play when cooking for the family or with them.

Video games

If all this turns out to be too hard or not the preferred choices, a good video game match can always make it better. Play against family members or do it online with friends to see who’s the best.  There are tons of multiplayer games that allow reality to go to the next level. Besides, there are no boundaries for imagination and the things that can be done while playing video games. Some of them even let the player stay in story mode with friends that makes it even more interesting!

Playing UNO with friends is still possible since the game can be easily found online, there’s even an online version of battleship. There are just too many ways to spend your afternoon playing with your family or friends so quarantine doesn’t turn into some sort of jail for everyone.

Movies and Series

It is now believed that because friends are away, it is impossible to hang out together and watch a good movie or series. Well, that's a wrong guess since there is a way to do it. With Netflix party, it is possible to see any content on this platform. When using this setting, it syncs with other devices so that information is displayed at the same time for everyone, just like watching a TV show with everyone at home. This is definitely a good twist for those long weekend nights where time gets harder as there's not much to do alone.

Hand Crafting

It is very common to find challenges on social networks. But, this time, it is not any type of publication. We found a way to spend time with those who are far away. You can do a DIY craft, record the process, and send it to friends or family. Then you can ask them to respond by making their own videos of the same art and comparing thoughts and ideas about it. This activity can be quite exciting for everyone. Trying to make things at home like some DIY garments or even practicing some cleaning techniques can be entertaining when shared with others so that everyone can grow and learn something new. This will definitely make quarantine seem like a time of self-discovery, finding new passions and hobbies that can even change your lifestyles.


It gets boring to be at home all the time, which is why sharing experiences with others can be an excellent idea. If you plan to read a book or a whole saga, don't do it alone! Establish a group of friends or even family and designate a day of the week to start reading something new. After finishing it, you can have a long conversation with them in which you can debate and talk about the topics of the text or book. Reading books is a different experience for everyone, comics or even manga can be other options for reading sources if you are not used to novels.

Many surprises can arise from a conversation about the wonderful world of story reading. Also, if the topic is really interesting, creating a blog might be the most accurate way to get the most out of it. Through it, you can let someone else understand what you think, match and contrast opinions. And this can make reading fun and entertaining.

It doesn’t matter how time is spent during this pandemic even if it is cooking, watching TV, playing games, or even crafting something new. The only thing that really matters is getting to understand the importance of taking the time to be with loved ones.

Family and friends are the strongest allies throughout quarantine as they make it easier to handle. Of course, it gets tiring sometimes, so try to find solutions to go to the nearest park or green place as long as the safety measures are followed properly. And remember, there’s always a way to spend the days, and technology can help everyone make things easier to cope with.

If possible, gather with friends and share a meal. Any moment with friends is a valuable treasure. And even more important, share experiences with the family, gather one day to watch movies while you eat popcorn, or simply sitting to have a nice conversation. You have a lot of options to choose from!