Incredible Things to do with Ice Cream

Ice cream has become one of the most versatile and delicious food in the market nowadays. It seems like there’s a flavor option to please their needs for every human in the world. For those who like to stay fit, a delicious sorbet could be the answer. Also, for the ones that prefer the old fashion way, vanilla will always be there. But even more incredible than the ice cream itself are the many ways it can be used in recipes to make it even better!

Ice cream cakes for the win!

It has become quite a famous choice to put ice cream as cake filler. Bake any cake, and fill it with your favorite flavor. A good example is the caramel popcorn ice cream cake; it consists of a yellow cake with caramel ice cream as center filling, topped with caramel popcorn.

Filling your cake with certain flavors of ice cream can make it better, yet you need to be careful since some flavors don’t match. For example, you shouldn't combine yellow cake with a strong vanilla ice cream since both flavors will merge and you won’t be able to savor them. In that case, use another flavor that stands the sweetness of the cake so it makes a better combination like pistachio or even strawberry.

Floats: Creative drinks full of ice cream!

Another famous option that can be found in most parlors are floats. Many people have got to experience this revolutionary dessert that turned into a trend. It consists of carbonated soda with a very specific kind of ice cream that matches it. The result is a bubbly drink, often with a distinct flavor given by the tonic that was used.

This combination is just breathtaking! The most famous versions use cinnamon tonic, and also there are fruity versions like raspberry or blueberry ones. Moreover, peppermint tonic has also become a popular option. There’s just no end for the possible matches that you can make!

The unforgettable sundae.

A good trend that never dies is the sundae. What is it? Well, it is just delicious ice cream with any kind of topping you can get. Traditional variations go with vanilla and warm caramel at the top. Some use chocolate or strawberry syrup, while others use cookies and berries to complement the sweetness of the ice cream.

Almost everyone can make their own sundaes at home, they can follow a specific recipe or they can just add the toppings they like the most. But, you always have to be careful since combining too many flavors can make the original flavor ice cream go away. So, use toppings that enhance the flavor instead. This way, you don’t have to worry about it. A good way to get the perfect combination is by using opposite flavors that generate contrast, like the sweet touch of chocolate with the salty flavor of peanuts. You will enjoy it at its fullest!

Ice cream S’mores!

Another good idea is s’mores with ice cream. It’s a trend that consists of using ice cream with hot toppings such as burned s’mores, which adds other levels to the flavor profile of the ice cream itself. It’s usually made with cookie dough -to add a crunchy texture- then you can put the desired ice cream (preferably a less sweet flavor like cinnamon or dark chocolate), and finish with a good layer of big s’mores. It’s important that the s’mores get burned after they are placed on the ice cream, if desired, other toppings can be added such as syrups or sparkles.

Milkshakes plus ice cream: Classic combination.

Ice cream is not only used in dessertsbut also in beverages such as milkshakes. They are very traditional, but they can be turned around with the right ingredients, for example, you can try with a good scoop of cookie ice cream with some caramel syrup and bourbon to add a different flavor to the drink. There’s no doubt every person who tries this milkshake will enjoy it to the end. It’s recommended to use a good amount of ice cream to make it more consistent, but it depends on everyone’s taste.

Ice cream sandwiches!

Every time the word ‘ice cream’ comes to mind, sandwiches seem to appear right away. Indeed, they are the oldest yet the tastiest version you can get by avoiding using fewer materials. They start with the cookies -a very firm cookie is the best option since a soggy one is not very appealing- and then the ice cream comes. In this case, it is possible to add any flavor, a chocolate chip cookie with cookies ‘n cream as the filling is a marvelous combination. Also, as an extra, you can use chocolate cover to add too much sweetness or mainly because of the other textures it adds to the sandwich.

Fried Ice Cream: The impossible combination.

As a final recipe, and definitely one of the favorites, it’s the fried ice cream. The preparation of this unique dessert by itself is amazing! It starts with the selection of a big scoop -any flavor guarantees a pleasant and delicious experience. Then it gets rolled over tempura to make the crust, finally is fried for several minutes to make it crunchy. The final result is something that cannot be described. Another delicious contrast is the temperature; it’s warm on the outside, but cold on the inside. This is why it is considered a very famous combination when it comes to ice cream.

Ice cream rolls!

Other variations of ice cream desserts include ice cream rolls. These are made from a method that allows obtaining a softer and creamier ice cream. To do this, the melted ice cream is poured into a cold tray that hardens it. Then, it is mixed with other ingredients such as cookies or sweets, and becomes a thin layer of ice cream that spreads to transform into cylindrical shapes (rolls). This is a new and innovative way of eating ice cream, but it does not change too much -just in its texture and added ingredients. It is definitely a great option for those who simply love the taste of cream without the need to add anything else.

It doesn’t matter how it’s eaten. It doesn’t matter how much it changes. Ice cream is always an option! Endless possibilities come to mind when making a dessert that includes ice cream. Despite every choice of ice cream everyone can take, it ensures that every choice is definitely a good one, and every flavor or recipe is just another door to keep enjoying this worldwide favorite.