How to Make Your Luxurious Wedding Affordable

It is not every day that you get the chance to marry the person you love. Thus, it just makes sense that you want your wedding day to be extra special. Have you always wanted to have a luxurious wedding but you are on a tight budget?

Planning a luxurious but affordable wedding can be a bit challenging. Some people are afraid that going for a lower budget for their wedding might end up compromising their decorations and making things look cheap. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With some research and effort combined with creativity and imagination, you can make your dream luxurious and affordable wedding possible.

Here are some wonderful ideas you can follow when putting together a chic wedding, even on a budget:

Plastic over Real Dishes

First thing that comes to mind is to swap out the fancy dish rental and simply buy your own set of elegant plastic wedding plates, cups and utensils. Make sure of course that they are of utmost quality and extremely durable. Oasis Creations offers a great selection of all sorts of plastic products that are just wonderful for wedding and other such events. Check out their wedding clear plastic platescollection! 

Pick the Perfect Venue

One of the most used and possibly the most boring ideas in the entire wedding realm is holding your reception at a restaurant. But, did you know that buffet weddings earn increasing popularity for the past few years? It means that you can now rent an excellent venue like a museum, a gallery, a historical site, a zoo, or even an aquarium to keep your wedding costs minimal.

You can consider any of these choices depending on your hobbies and professions as a couple. Next, you can also consider renting a small vacation home or private estate. If your budget doesn’t allow your dream Hawaiian beach wedding, don’t worry. You can always look for an alternative beach location that is as wonderful as Hawaii but without pricey expenses involved.

Make the Colors Cohesive

The color you choose is one of the most common secrets in pulling a wedding together. Try to take things a notch higher by going for two contrasting colors. Opt for a darker color for your backgrounds, table cloths, and other bigger expenses then choose a lighter one to serve as the accent color that will pop against the darker one. You can further extend this cohesion by using any of the colors as the color of the ink on your printed materials.

Learn the Secret of Flowers

Almost all the flowers you want for your wedding have their own doppelgangers. If you are a fan of peonies, for example, you might want to search for cabbage roses or vintage roses. They look like peonies, but the difference lies in their less high prices.

Use Decorative Tulle to Your Advantage

The best thing about tulle is that it can work like magic when it comes to decorations without breaking your bank. Achieve a dramatic elegance by draping bunches across the venue’s ceiling and secure these at the center light and edges. Forget about renting chair covers and drape tulle instead over the backs of the chair. Attach a flower or use colorful tulle bow to tie it up.

Table skirts made from tulle can also be very charming. This material is also perfect if you want to hide unsightly or plain walls. You can use tulle as curtains to block off some parts of the room or create a dreamy backdrop.

Make It Awesome with Lighting

Lighting can make a world of difference when it comes to planning a wedding that looks luxurious without costing you an arm and a leg. Colored spotlights with strategic placements can achieve an upscale look. You can also hang vertical light strands from rafters or trees to create a classy ambiance. You can also create a posh ambiance with candlelight.

The Details are on the Table

The finishing touches to your tables can create and add character to any wedding. Add a colorful ribbon or napkin ring around the folded napkin and tuck a sprig of greenery or the menu inside to make the table look more chic. Even if you use inexpensive napkins, home-printed menus, and rings made from a roll of paper or ribbon will look great when prepared this way.

Some other finishing touches you can include the following:

  • Opt for pre-set tables.
  • Put a runner over the tablecloth.
  • Have the favor boxes placed at the middle of every plate setting
  • Stacked plates such as salad atop dinner can add ambiance as well.
  • Use decorative bowls around the stems of wine glasses.
  • Choose quality plastic dishes instead of real dishes.

Even if you go for a buffet, you can still preset drink and water glasses, plates, and silverware.

Go for a Wedding Monogram or Pattern

A monogram or pattern can pull together the overall look of your wedding. Aside from the usual placements such as wedding party ensembles, place settings, decorations, and invitations, these elements can also be added into desserts, food, or drink; in the lighting, or on the aisle runner.

Book a Musician

You can book a musician instead of a DJ or a band for the whole night. You can ask the musician to be in charge of the first dance and the earlier hours of your reception. After that, you can switch to the curated playlist that will be managed by your trusted family member or friend. This simple trick is guaranteed to cut your budget for wedding entertainment in half.

Swap the Cake

If you have always wanted to have a fairy tale-like wedding cake, but your funds are limited, why not fake it? You can ask your baker to prepare one real lower tier that you can use for the cake cutting. The other tiers can then be made of Styrofoam then cover them in fondant. Once the cake cutting ceremony is finished, ask the catering team to serve sheet cake with the same flavors and colors. Your guests will never notice that it was different at all!

Forget the Sit-Down Dinner

It is easy for sit-down dinners to add up to your expenses. Go for an upscale cocktail reception instead with just a small butler team offering hor's d’ oeuvres on some serving trays. It will help you save on the overall cost per person and full catering staff.

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