Honeymoon Ideas 2021

The honeymoon is one of the most beautiful experiences for couples. But we all know that COVID-19 has caused hundreds of thousands of weddings to be postponed and a tremendous hiatus in travel plans for future married couples.

However, if you are looking for ideas for your honeymoon in the middle of a pandemic, you are not alone! Many people are trying to find alternatives to live this special moment without putting their health at risk. For that reason, we bring a list of ideas that can be of great help to pairs. Welcome to this post!

Travel to low-risk places.

While many countries have closed their borders and ban international travel, others have created travel bubbles and protocols to receive tourists.

Most of these destinations have entry rules, and some even require travelers to get the vaccine. For example, Americans can enter Belarus and Barbados if they tested negative for the coronavirus. They must meet a quarantine period upon arrival.

On the other hand, The Bahamas allows people to visit its territory as long as they have completed their vaccination two weeks or more before traveling.

The possibility of a honeymoon in a distant destination is difficult to imagine amid the restrictions and measures of social distancing and coronavirus spread prevention. But traveling is not impossible. You only have to look for official information on the countries of your interest to see if you can visit them.

But, if you think that international travel is risky, there are other alternatives to mark the pending moments of your life, such as bachelorette parties or virtual weddings. So, we are going to know other options that do not imply traveling to other places.

Pick a location around your area.

We are still grappling with the uncertainty of the pandemic. But that does not mean that couples cannot celebrate their honeymoon as they have always dreamed of. Many people have decided to celebrate an event as important as their marriage within their country.

Some couples even decide to celebrate their honeymoons in their city.

You can find a hotel in your area and ask for local tour packages. It is an exceptional idea because you don't need to spend a lot of money as people usually spend when going abroad. Moreover, they considerably reduce the risk of infection.

You can also designate a space at home, order flowers online, cook gourmet meals, and redesign your bedroom for a honeymoon at home.

There are plenty of honeymoon possibilities and ideas that you can take advantage of without risking your health by traveling elsewhere. Let your imagination fly!

Create a home sleep sanctuary.

After planning such a big and important event as a wedding, couples often look to honeymoon options for extended relaxation as newlyweds. We all know that hotels and resorts offer the best bedding, sheets, and other amenities in the world.

However, you can build your own sleep sanctuary at home! It is essential to keep all technological devices in a drawer and another room. Next, you should look for quality, soft sheets to try and reproduce the hotel-quality experience.

Remember to look for soft and fluffy pillows to rest in the best possible way! You can also include matching silk masks if you or your partner are sensitive to light and a diffuser with scents inspired by a good sleep.

The main idea is to turn a room into a space to sleep and relax for hours. That's what all couples want to do during their honeymoon!

Romantic dinner by candlelight.

Many people tend to go to Europe and have a romantic dinner with their partners in a fancy restaurant after getting married. But we all know that the pandemic has limited dining-in services in many eateries worldwide. So, it can be a bit tricky.

However, you and your loved one can have the romantic dinner you have long dreamed of without even leaving home. Order your favorite dishes from the restaurant of your choice and receive an elegant and delicious dinner directly at your home. You can also prepare some recipes on your own if you prefer homemade food.

Use elegant dinnerware to recreate a first-class dining experience and set out some seductively scented candles. Decorate the dining room to be fancy and beautiful, and don't forget a delicious bottle of wine! No romantic dinner is complete without it!

Start your own spa.

We know that it can be very different from languishing in the sound of the waves as strong but delicate hands glide over their bodies to help you release pressure. Nonetheless, creating your own spa at home is an excellent idea for honeymoons amid the pandemic.

You and your partner can search the internet for tutorials and expert advice online to learn how to give the best massages during your socially distanced honeymoon. And that could benefit your relationship for a lifetime.

For your home spa, you will only need massage oil, bath candles, diffusers with soft scents, and silky bathrobes. You and the love of your life can enjoy a beautiful moment while relaxing. It is just perfect!

Virtual tours to visit tourist places.

If you and your partner are adventurous and had planned a honeymoon traveling the world to see new places, you can take advantage of virtual tours.

Some properties of great historical and tourist value are offering virtual tours with personalized experiences. You can choose one of them to discover a dream destination while enjoying your honeymoon at home.

It can also help you know destinations to visit when all countries start authorizing trips again. And it will also allow you to keep beautiful memories of such a special celebration.

Final thoughts.

We know that the coronavirus pandemic has completely changed many aspects of our lives, including celebrations and events. However, there are many ways to continue living beautiful and enriching experiences without putting our health at risk.

A honeymoon is one of the most special moments for couples. So, you just have to be creative to make it beautiful and wonderful despite all the challenges.