Holiday Scents

The typical and ever-present holiday scents.

Christmas is getting closer! We are all happy that, in such a challenging year, the holidays are finally coming. We love this season for many reasons. Firstly, they allow us to share unique and happy moments with the family. It is also a season in which we usually prepare the most delicious dishes, do fun activities, and watch all the movies that we could not see during the rest of the year.

But that is not all. There is something characteristic of the season that fills us all with joy and sweetness: its scents. The entire month of December is usually full of exquisite, relaxing, joyful aromas characteristic of a time as beautiful as Christmas. And here we are going to learn a little more about it.


Cinnamon is a warm and spicy scent, ideal for winter. It is really powerful for the mind and body, especially if you need to relax during the holiday celebrations or if you have had a lot of exams or assignments before you leave for the holidays. Also, it is delicious and can evoke beautiful feelings in people.

There is a fascinating story. It is said that the Mystic Phoenix Bird gathered myrrh and cinnamon sticks (among other plants) as fuel for the fire that made it rise from the ashes. Following that belief, many people light cinnamon incenses or prepare desserts loaded with it as a symbol of the resurgence that the New Year allows.

Sweet orange essence.

It is also a delightful and characteristic scent of the holidays. Many people say that it helps them remember their childhood and the activities they used to do at Christmas as children. It is because it is a scent that usually represents joy. Besides, the sweet orange has a refreshing touch that helps people feel more happiness on these dates.

Christmas trees.

We can assure you that no person in the world does not love the fresh pine scent of green, big, and beautiful Christmas trees. It is a scent that, in addition to transporting us to the most relaxing places on the face of the earth, allows us to remember festive family moments and evoke images of bright Christmas lights, gifts wrapped in the most beautiful papers, and Christmas carols, of course.


Ginger is one of the most characteristic essences of Christmas. This plant offers us a warm and strong aroma, like a strange mixture of lemon and pepper that many love. Many people use it to make natural flu remedies, but during Holidays, it takes a leading role. Holiday dishes are often full of ginger as one of their main ingredients. Some of them are cookies, the traditional gingerbread, and many more sweets.

Hot chocolate.

It is one of everyone's favorite Christmas scents, especially children's! There's nothing like the sweet, comforting aroma of hot chocolate to keep you warm on chilly December days. Its delicious smell of chocolate is capable of captivating us all, even those who are not so excited by the typical celebrations. And if you put marshmallows in it, it's even better!


The use of nutmeg in Christmas preparations has become prevalent, but it is a much more recent tradition than the previous flavorings. Its popularity has spread as it is a versatile ingredient that people often use in sweet and savory preparations. If you are in the kitchen while dinner is being prepared on Christmas Eve, it is impossible not to enjoy its exquisite smell! Also, now there are many liqueurs and even perfumes with this scent. Is incredible!

Firewood and fire.

Another of the most important Christmas traditions is lighting the fire in the chimney and sitting around it for a family afternoon or evening roasting marshmallows. Therefore, it has become one of the predominant scents in all homes when December arrives and the holidays approach, especially in places where it is very cold.


The snow is beautiful, white, and so cold that it grinds your teeth, and it also has its own unique aroma. It is fresh and clean, making it one of the best scents of winter and Christmas. Once it begins to fall, people look out of the windows of their houses to smell its aroma and to be trapped by the power of ice.

Christmas cake and pudding.

Much of the Christmas aromas come from the kitchen. It is a season full of delicious dishes that flood every home with its exquisite fragrance. In this way, you could not miss the Christmas cake and pudding. Whether you love it or prefer to avoid it at dinner, we are entirely sure you can recognize its delicious fruity and spicy aroma.

These desserts are as Christmassy as the typical red and white Santa suit. Besides, they have a comforting touch in their sweet aroma and are tinged with liquor, specifically brandy, which will bring a smile to more than one person.

Baked turkey.

Another of the most significant scents of Christmas is that of the baked turkey, although it usually begins to spread everywhere after Thanksgiving dinner. Many unfortunate cooks forget about their preparation in the oven, filling the house with a smell of burnt turkey, but even that is still indispensable for many families. Preparing a dish as large and luxurious as this is a special moment, and sharing it with the family is even more so. It isn't easy to think of a Christmas without that delicious and particular aroma!

What do you think of all these delicious Holiday scents? And we know that there is still more! Each person has their favorite Christmas scent, and they try to recreate it through candles, essential oils, or by preparing some food or drink on their own.

Christmas is one of the most beautiful and versatile times of the year. It is full of happy moments, gifts, parties, dances, celebrations, and smiles everywhere. But it is also synonymous with essences that allow us to fill our Christmas spirit and enjoy the holidays in the best way!