Have a Bunch of Children? Here are Some Tips You'll Regret Not Trying!

Having one kid is already a challenge. How about those with a bunch of kiddos who tend to get messy every time? The challenge doubles and even triples! Worry not - we've got some tips for you at hand!

Being a parent is both a tough and rewarding experience. You should have lots and lots of patience. But on the brighter side, it would change your life completely. There's nothing fulfilling than watching your child grow and get to shape him all throughout his journey. Such a joyful experience, you surely wouldn't want to trade to anything!

Without further ado, here is our collection of genius parenting tips for bigger families that will likely leave you questioning, "Why didn't I realize that before?" Scroll down to eagerly know what we're talking about!

Create charts for everything

Control everything that causes chaos or stress. One effective way is through making and designing charts for meal seating, car seating, bath nights, cleaning assignments, and a whole lot of things inside the house. The charts could potentially reduce any chances of fighting and whining among your children.

Get organized

To make daily tasks less hassle on your part, make a to-do list. Range the items by giving each a numeric or alphabetical ranking. A calendar would also be an essential tool for keeping track of your children's schedules.

Label the clothes of each of your children

Parents with children who are close in age specifically need this tip. Sometimes, you have quite a hard time identifying which shorts, jeans, sweaters, or socks belong to which kiddo. So, make sure to label each. For instance, put one dot to your oldest, two dots to the second, etc.

Invest in a robust storage

For bigger families, lockers save their lives. Using it, you can teach them a sense of responsibility when it comes to getting their clothes seamlessly organized. Toss in your child's locker anything you find floating around the home that he or she owns. It is now his or her responsibility to handle.

Kid-proof your gadgets and computer

Having a bunch of kids around means worrying about your personal items too, including PC and gadgets. Keep any liquids away from the tech, create parental controls on your computer, and link up bumpers to your gadgets.

Have a jumbo toilet paper roll dispenser in your bathroom

Save dollars in your toilet paper every month by a jumbo toilet paper roll dispenser. You no longer need to change it a lot less often compared to traditional bathroom toilet papers.

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Plan the menu

Unless you have the funds to eat in a fancy restaurant with your whole family, then skip this tip. Otherwise, it is recommended to plan your menus for a week or even a month to help you save plenty of time.


Perhaps you've experienced looking for an important document you know is somewhere inside the drawer. Teach your kids to return items in the proper place after using them. Remove things they have outgrown or are no longer using.

Let your kids have a fair share of housecleaning tasks

Doing so will keep the household working smoothly. Conduct a family meeting to discuss chores. If they're older, allow them to pick chores that will suit best to their interest. While for kiddos, fuel their drive by turning the chores into a game.

Try the color-coding laundry

Separate the clothing of your family by item: shirts, pants, towels, underwear, and sock. Teach your small children how to sort colors and whites. It also makes folding go much easier. When your laundry is folded, keep it in specified closets or baskets.

Nurture good sibling relationships

Here, you need to initiate the buddy system. Allow your children to look after each other. Pair them up. Have the older child take hold of a younger one. You are not only teaching responsibility but also helping to nurture their relationship for one another.

Maximize your trips

Shopping. Sporting events. Birthday parties. Special occasions. Doctor's appointments. Ugh. Fortunately, there is an internet and phone to save your life. Browse websites or call stores. You can even order prescription medicines over the web, too.

Be a good role model

Remember that children initially learn at home. So, be the role model they deserve. Walk the talk. Do not just tell them what they need to do. Show good, proper, and respectful behavior. This is especially very crucial for big families since there are numerous pairs of eyes looking at you. What they do reflects on how you raise them.

Do. Not. Spank.

Contrary to what some parents believe, spanking would not teach children right from wrong. Rather, you are teaching them to fright outer consequences. As a result, they will avoid getting caught as possible as they can. You don't want to raise a group of bullies in your house after all.

Sign up for shopping discounts

Children are not inexpensive to raise. So, imagine the costs you'll make if you have a bunch of them around. Why not take advantage of shopping discounts online? The Amazon Mom is one great example. It offers excellent discounts on family essentials.

Learn from other parents

Don't just rely on everything you heard or read. Ask for help by getting a bit of advice from other parents with a bunch of children around. Learn from their experience.

Who says being a mom or dad to a pool of kids will make your life highly stressful and have only less time to take care of yourself? Fortunately, you've come across with our tips! These are not kinky gimmicks; rather, a tested and proven way to make your tasks more efficient as well as to teach your children valuable lessons.

You probably have your own parenting tips for raising a bunch of little munchkins. Share it with other parents! If not, which one of these would you love to try?

Make your motherhood or fatherhood experience easier, more fulfilling, and a lot more fun with these important tips in mind! Happy parenting!

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