What to do with your Kids at Home During Lockdown

To date, the disease caused by the new coronavirus discovered in China (COVID-19) has added more than 700,000 cases and around 30,000 deaths worldwide. These figures are alarming and have caused concern in the vast majority of governments, also leading people to carry out quarantine in a large percentage of countries. That is to say, a period in which it is not advisable to leave home or be in contact with others.

No one goes out to work, students do not go to school, there are few people going shopping and everyone tries to avoid activities abroad. We know that this can be a bit overwhelming and boring, especially for the little ones in the family, so we decided to bring you an article with information that can be very useful for you. Do you want to prepare for a potential lockdown? Here you have what to do with your children at home. Take advantage of this information and make sure that all this free time is beneficial to you!

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10 activities to do at home with your children during the quarantine.

Here are some fun activities you can do with your children, and the best thing about them is that they are all free of video games, the proposals that we bring you are extremely creative and will help you make the most out of every single day. Pay attention!

  1. Learn together, a new language

We are almost certain that there is nothing better than this. Currently, being bilingual and managing another of the universal languages (and most widely spoken ones on the planet) can generate many labor, personal and professional opportunities for people, so why not help our children learn it from a young age?

You can take all this time and motivate them to study English or French. And for this, you have infinite resources available. You can download an app, play music or watch TV in another language, or even play games that are not in English. Definitely, you will live a unique experience while learning a new tool that will be very useful for them in the future. Amazing!

  1. Time to read!

For the intellectual development of boys and girls in their growth stage, it is of vital importance to introduce them to the world of reading. Many parents think that this is an impossible mission since their children flatly refuse to take a book but, believe us, achieving it is easier than you think.

Children tend to imitate adults and usually enjoy group activities more. So you can search for a text that he likes and start reading it yourself or perform dynamics in which you have to read one fragment and your child the other. Thus, you encourage reading while enjoying a good time together. You will not regret trying it!

  1. Let's cook!

Another of the most useful skills is cooking. Knowing how to cook can be a great help for both children and adults. You don't necessarily have to become chefs, but you and your children can start cooking some recipes, learning how to make bread or a dessert. We assure you that everyone will love to prepare a delicious cake and bake some cookies.

You can start with simple preparations and then add more complicated recipes. All of you will have a lot of fun! Remember to use vegetables creatively to encourage your children to eat them and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Review school subjects

Remember that many schools are offering online classes during this time; therefore it is important that you make sure that the little ones of the house are fulfilling their student duties. We know that children tend to forget the class content if they do not review it regularly. So, this is a good way to keep them up to date with the topics of study.

And, in case your school is not offering a program via the Internet, you should always ensure that your child's education is maintained at the appropriate level. So you can choose to teach him/her some lessons by yourself, review academic texts, practice math and more!

  1. Do physical activities and avoid sedentary lifestyle

It never hurts to keep fit and avoid negative health practices (sedentary lifestyle) like spending a lot of time on the computer or wind TV. Therefore, it is very important that both you and your children do physical activity that helps you maintain the health of your body and mind.

To do this, you can do whatever you want; from dancing and singing to giving a fun twist to cleaning the house. All of the family can also make games that involve movement. It is mandatory that everyone does some form of exercise and burn energy, especially young children.

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Some other activities you can do with your kids are:

  • Playing board games: They are great fun and can improve your cognitive skills.
  • Crafting: You only need a few pieces of cardboard, glue or any recycled material. Let your imagination run wild and do a lot of things together!
  • Enjoy movie nights: What better activity to share with your family than to make popcorn, and put on a movie.
  • Use technology wisely: There will come a point when children would want to use their phones or tablets and you can let them do so. You just have to watch the time in which they do it (so it is not much) and take care that the content they are in contact with is useful.
  • See tutorials: Another good way to use technology is through the different tutorials available on platforms like YouTube. You can see one and learn to do something you don't know like recipes, crafts, and even math exercises.

The time you spend at home does not have to be boring and, besides, you can get many benefits from it. In addition to taking care of your health, comply with this quarantine in such a way you can carry out activities with your family members, so you can make your relationship stronger while having fun together and learning many new things!