Getting a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

For constantly busy people, spending their precious free time cleaning is something they DO NOT want to do; especially in spring. Can you imagine staying at home while everything is so beautiful outside? No way!

Spring is usually a season of renewal, people want to play sports and go outside because, in general, the weather is more pleasant, the sky is clear, summer is getting closer and we have the feeling of a new stage. So, what can we do to take advantage of it?

For that reason and to answer that question, we bring you some tips that will allow you to enjoy this incredible season. Pay attention and discover everything you can do to get the most out of it.

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Taking up the theme of cleaning, here are some very useful tips for you to do your work and still spend time on everything else you want to do in those lovely days.

  1. Get organized:

Create a plan and start working NOW. Do not let spring come to your door without having everything you need to do in order since that will only make you unable to take full advantage of it. If your house is very large, you can divide it into areas and clean each space one day (with moments of rest, if necessary). You will see that time will yield to you and, when the season of flowers arrives, you will be ready to go see it.

  1. Focus on each task:

If you have already stipulated what tasks you will do, try to finish them in the time you have scheduled. How to do it? It is very simple. If you have pointed out that you will tidy all your clothes in an hour, then engage in that and do not do another coda during that period of time. And, yes, we mean that you cannot look at your cell phone and you should forget about Instagram.

  1. Supplies budget:

On many occasions, we do not need anything more than the cleaning implements that we already have at home but, many other times, we have to go out and buy some extra tools or products to clean. Whatever the case, it is recommended that you know well what you are going to need and organize it, so you will avoid wasting time if something is missing. Besides, it is a good option to know how much money you should have for it.

  1. Make a help list:

Even if you like to do things on your own, a little help never hurts. If your family is willing to lend you a hand, take them into account! But, so that everything goes well and does not end up making a disaster, organize the tasks that each one will do. Assign a job to each one and see how everything gets better and faster!

  1. Let’s PURGE:

Although it sounds a bit exaggerated, this is the first step to run all cleaning. Before you start, remove everything you don't need. That way, you won't waste time on unimportant things! Get rid of anything that does not function (or take it to their respective recycling places) and clear your work area. You will see how optimal your cleaning will be after it!

Now, if you have already done all this and the long-awaited cleaning day has arrived, we also have a series of tips for you...

  1. Open the windows: This is ideal for your home (or any other space you wish to clean) to be filled with the vitality that only nature can bring. And, also, it is a good way to avoid being overwhelmed or feeling locked up!
  2. Empty, clean and tidy all the cabinets: From the kitchen and the sink to your room; remember the purge and throw or donate what you don't need. So you avoid accumulating!
  3. Wash all fabrics: Clean curtains, bedspreads, duvet covers, cushion covers, sofa covers, carpets, rags, tea towels, etc. All this can accumulate a lot of dust or bad smells and, thus, they prevent you from enjoying the lovely aroma of spring!
  4. Aromatize: And speaking of aromas... It's spring! So it is the perfect time to have some plant at home that smells divinely. You can place herbs or a jasmine plant, for example. This will create a unique environment!
  5. Use natural products: If you want to enjoy spring, you are very likely to like nature a lot, so why not bring your ecological side and take care of it? A good way to do this is by avoiding the use of chemicals or products that are harmful to the environment and clean your home with natural products. Vinegar, lemon and baking soda are the best option for it!

Finally, if you have finished your cleaning work, you must be asking yourself... What can I do in spring? And we are pleased to tell you that the options are countless! Here you have a list of recommended activities.

  1. Go out to sunbathe in the park: As simple as it may seem, it is one of the most beautiful activities you can do in the spring. You can play Frisbee, read a book or just take a walk to capture some sun rays.
  2. Plant a garden or an orchard: Spring is the best time to plant if you want to have your own crop of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Don't miss this wonderful chance!
  3. Visit a botanical garden: Botanical gardens are institutions whose purpose is the conservation, exhibition and investigation of gardens and plants. What better season to visit them than spring? And you can connect better with nature!
  4. Have a picnic: This is, by far, the best way to enjoy spring. You can prepare healthy food and enjoy a beautiful afternoon in the garden or in the countryside. Also, if you use disposable plates, you won't have to clean once again! Again, don't forget to look what Oasis Creations's offers in their elegant plates section!
  5. Bike ride: A unique way to enjoy the good weather, exercise and learn to save money and energy. All at the same time!

What do you think about all this? Have you dared to start the refreshing and revitalizing spring cleaning? Do not wait more! This amazing station is about to arrive and expects us to receive it in the best way.