Fuss Free Disposable Plastic Plates

Are you planning a party soon? However, inviting people to your home for party implies taking out time for doing a lot of dishes. Well, forget all your worries, set your mind free, and enjoy whichever event you want to organize with disposable parties plates from Oasis Creations. There are varieties of designs of plates to choose from. You can choose from an array of plates to suit the various social occasions. Our birthday plates and other disposable plastic plates are of superior quality. Moreover, these plastic plates are sturdy and easy to manage for any event.  These disposable plastic plates are made from high standard marked materials which is BPA free and do not contain any toxic or harmful substances. These white plastic plates are completely safe for all.

Special Disposable Plastic Plates

Our birthday party plates are designed especially for theme parties for children and adults alike.   Your child will be thrilled to see their favorite animated character displayed on the plates and you would not have to worry about your kids finishing everything on their plates.  If you are arranging a luxurious party, our silver plates will raise your style quotient. The gold rimmed or silver rimmed ivory plates are the most appropriate platter for sophisticated gatherings. Believe us! You will earn more compliments for your dinnerware than your wardrobe. 

Different Aspects of Disposable Plastic Plates

You have the option of choosing the size, style, and quantity of plates you require depending upon the number of invitees and delicacies you decide to serve. Clear round plates are available in six inches or nine inches size whereas clear square plates are available in 6.5 inches size. Silver or gold rimmed white plastic plates are available in six inches and nine inches sizes. 

These plates are economical for any and every event. They are even washable. Whether you choose to dispose or reuse the plastic dinnerware, you will be overwhelmed to show your culinary expertise as you serve them in the top quality Oasis Creations plates. 

4 innovative uses of plastic plates


Contrary to what you might believe. Plastic plates are not just party supplies. They serve a host of other purposes; many of which may take you by surprise. Gold plastic plates, silver plastic plates, disposable plates, they all do! Surprised? You won’t be after you read this article though.



While you should preferably stay away from playing Frisbee indoors, it’s a great option at outdoor events. Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday party or an informal outdoor gathering, throwing in a surprise fun element won’t do anyone any harm. Use your golden plastic plates as a Frisbee to add a touch of style and spunk to the game. Reusable plastic plates would do just fine too!


Drums or cymbals

So let’s say everyone at the party is upbeat about an impromptu musical session, you have a vocalist and guitarist ready to display their wares and then you realize you have neither drums nor cymbals at your disposal. Duh! What a spoiler! But hold on for a moment. It’s time to bring out those plastic plates lying idle on the shelf! So while they may not be the ideal perfect substitutes, those silver plastic plates sure have some utility as make-do musical instruments.


Drip tray

This is a more logical and domestic application of plastic plates than the ones mentioned previously. Disposable plates would make for great drip trays that could be set under your plants to hold water and prevent leakage.



Plastic plates have great utility as a paint palette. If you are inclined towards painting, you’d struggle to find a better alternative than plastic plates. Not only are they of just the right size required but are also convenient to clean. Better still, use disposable plates to cut out the cleaning part altogether.


With so many alternative applications, you’d be better off having a few plates in stock than otherwise.