Toilet paper is a soft tissue used to maintain personal hygiene, especially after urination. It is easy to dispose and light in weight. It is also the best way to prevent contact with harmful germs, thus has proved to be very hygienic. Toilet paper rolls are stored in dispensers and are used extensively in public restrooms to ensure cleanliness.

A toilet tissue paper dispenser stands for hygiene. Most of the public restrooms have toilet paper dispensers, to provide for a clean and sanitized environment. Rolls are filled in the dispenser and you need to manually access it. Toilet tissue dispenser also provides for a comfortable and pleasant environment.

What To Look For In A Toilet Paper Dispenser?

When you are looking for a toilet paper dispenser you need to consider many factors. Some of them are discussed here:


First you need to check the traffic in your establishment. If you have a high traffic, you need to go for a jumbo toilet paper dispenser, else you will have to refill frequently. As it is a routine thing, at one point in time, you will certainly feel sick of refilling if you buy a low capacity dispenser. A high capacity dispenser will leave you with less work, calling for refilling rarely.


The next thing you need to consider is the lock feature. Check whether the toilet tissue dispenser has a lock. This helps you on reducing waste. This is especially true for a commercial toilet paper dispenser where there is maximum chance for pilferage.


Another thing you need to note is the compactness. Toilet paper dispenser must be able to save space, it must be designed to be able to mount on walls for maximum compactness and easy dispensing. Moreover it must be good looking and inviting too, your guests will love it!

Quality, Maintenance and Price

You also need to check for the quality, to ensure durability. You definitely do not want issues with your dispenser within a few weeks or months of buying, right? Last but not the least, check for the price and maintenance requirements.


Jumbo Roll Toilet tissue paper dispenser- Features

Jumbo Roll Toilet tissue paper dispenser is a superior quality dispenser that comes at an affordable price. The notable feature is, it is low on maintenance and durability, unmatched. This stylish toilet paper dispenser is made from translucent smoke plastic and provides for multidirectional tearing. The machine doles out 9" rolls. Oasis Creations are renowned for quality Jumbo roll toilet tissue paper dispensers that are competitively  priced, get one today and benefit from low prices!

Space Saver

Jumbo toilet paper dispensercan be mounted on walls - portable and smart. This toilet paper dispenser can be accommodated even in small spaces, so take your worries away if you have a restricted space. With less floor spaces and increasing demand for hygiene and health, this toilet tissue dispenser comes as a blessing. Everything cannot be accommodated on the floor, space saving machines and accessories are the trend.  Jumbo toilet paper dispenser is economical too. Make your restroom look cozy and elegant with this wall mounted toilet paper dispenser.

Extra hygienic key lock feature

The extra hygienic key lock feature is another noteworthy feature of this toilet paper dispenser. Perfect for restaurants, campuses and office buildings, Jumbo toilet paper dispenser come with a lock design to reduce waste and ensure least pilferage. With this hanging accessory comes two dispenser keys for superior safety and convenience. Refilling is also easy. If you are looking for commercial toilet paper dispensers, Jumbo toilet paper dispenser from Oasis Creations could be a top choice.

High Storage Capacity

Jumbo toilet paper dispenser comes with a great capacity. This can hold 9" jumbo rolls paper, you need not refill it often while still making your guests feel looked after best. In other words, huge storage capacity means, you will be refilling very rarely. This feature is one among the many that makes it a top choice for big business places that see high traffic on a daily basis.

Try this commercial toilet paper dispenser from Oasis Creations, you are assured of 45 days money back guarantee too, if the dispenser is not satisfactory. Why not make use of this risk- free opportunity now?

Still thinking? You now know what to look for while purchasing a toilet paper dispenser. Check for the factors mentioned above and buy one for your business place today. Sanitary hygiene is of utmost significance, negligence in this matter may be the cause of many illnesses. Get a quality toilet tissue dispenser and ensure the people around you are safe and healthy. If you have a high traffic, don't think twice on buying a Jumbo toilet paper dispenserfrom Oasis Creations. Benefit from buying superior quality, low priced dispenser here.